Connecticut Teachers can save BIG in two ways

Connecticut Sixth-Year Study Pathways

Many Connecticut districts offer a sixth-year lane salary increase if you complete 30 credits above your master’s degree. 

  • Average annual salary boost of $2,900; some districts pay considerably more
  • 5-year gain: $14,500
  • 10-year gain: $29,000
  • 20-year gain: $58,000
  • Potential to boost your retirement income  

Here are two pathways we recommend. Each pathway encompasses ten 3-credit courses. Pick one course or work your way through all of them. As always, it’s your choice. 

Our self-paced, graduate-level, continuing education courses are created by educators, for educators. Each course is resource-rich with relevant assignments you can use in your classroom the next day. In addition, Learners Edge offers extra-large discounts with group registration. 

Group registration offers discounts
of up to $115 per course – 
absolute best savings available. 

Prefer to fly solo? Course Bundles are offered for 3,5, or 10 Courses with the option to Pay As You Learn.