Act 48 Courses for PA Teachers

How to Meet Act 48 Requirements

Learners Edge has helped thousands of Pennsylvania teachers meet their Act 48 requirements, increase their salaries, and advance their careers. Learners Edge is a PDE approved Act 48 provider.

Meet your 180-hour Act 48 requirement with Learners Edge by completing:

Two Flex Credit courses

Learners Edge best value at $189 per course, with the same great content as our for-credit courses.

Two 3-credit, graduate-level, continuing education courses

Ideal for those looking to meet Act 48 AND salary advancement needs

Convert from a Level I to a Level II Certificate

A minimum of 24 credits earned after completion of the educator’s initial baccalaureate degree is required. Learners Edge has helped thousands of Pennsylvania teachers advance to their Level II Certificate.

Advance to a Level II Certificate and meet your 24-credit requirement with Learners Edge by completing:

Eight 3-credit, graduate-level, continuing education courses

A minimum of six of these 24 credits must be in the content area of the Level I certificate or in a course or courses designed to improve professional practice.
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Under Act 48, Pennsylvania teachers must meet professional education requirements every 5 years in order to maintain their PA teaching certifications. If you need to earn Act 48 credits for PA teacher certification maintenance, we can help with affordable online classes designed to fit your busy schedule.
Over 10,000 Pennsylvania teachers have chosen Learners Edge as the best choice for Act 48 online continuing education, graduate-level professional development, or salary advancement courses.

How Learners Edge Works

1. Choose Your Course

Select and order your course. Choose the session, format, credits, and your university partner.

2. Complete Your Course

With materials in hand, you can enjoy your course and work at your own pace.

3. Receive Your Transcript

Successfully finish your coursework and request a transcript from your regionally accredited university partner - you're on your way!

University Partnerships

Learners Edge partners with highly respected colleges and universities to provide versatile and effective continuing education graduate credit courses for educators. Learners Edge University Partners are accredited by various agencies including: CAEP/TEAC/NCATE, HLC, NECHE, NWCCU, WSCUC.

Not sure which University Partner to choose? American College of Education is our preferred partner for many reasons including its accredited status and educator-focused graduate-level programs.

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