August 6, 2019

NEW Course on the Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships

Great Teaching Starts with Relationships

Student achievement. Starts with strong relationships.

Culturally Responsive Teaching. Starts with strong relationships.

Notice a pattern? When it comes to quality teaching and learning, authentic relationships are key! The science of learning tells us that from birth, relationships andexperiencesdrive brain development. As teachers, we have to opportunity and the duty to make relationship building a priority, thereby positively shaping the developing brains of the children in our care.

5058-a5058: Building Strong Relationships in the Classroom: Care to Connect,recognizes that students are social beings hard-wired for making connections. This course not only provides foundational knowledge of therole that relationships play in creating an environment conducive to learning but also outlines specific strategies fornurturing strong individual and community connections.

The following are justsomeof theessential questionscovered in this course that help guide the important work we do to create safe, caring, and cognitively challenging learning spaces for children.

  1. How can building deep relationships with students support our efforts to design interventions (academic and behavioral) that address their needs?
  2. In what ways can assumptions and stereotypes undermine the feeling of safety that students feel in class?
  3. How can the awareness of one’s own cultural identities influence the understanding of and appreciation for the identities of others?
  4. How might educators design physical spaces that lead to improved academic and social-emotional outcomes?
  5. What are the essential characteristics of successful relationship-building teachers and how can they be replicated?

Whether you’re a counselor working with individuals and groups, a veteran teacher with years under your belt or you’re just starting out with your own classroom, this new course will help you reflect on the real purpose of the work you do each day– connecting with students to help them reach their greatest potential.

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