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Our strategies, tools and techniques produce immediate results in the classroom, no matter what stage your teachers are at in their careers. We have video licensing options for organizations of any size.

Classroom Videos

We've worked with educators all over the world to produce topics in all subjects and for all age levels. All of our videos have been carefully vetted by content experts to ensure they model best teaching practices. Catch a sample of what you can expect with our weekly free video

Uncut Videos

Watch 175+ minimally edited footage of full-length lessons from start to finish. They can be used for calibration exercises with rubrics to create inter-rater reliability among observers. These lessons also help supplement in-person classroom observations for teachers to unpack and interpret teacher moves.

DIY Videos

Teaching Channel also has over 40 short DIY videos submitted by top educators. Many of these feature our Teaching Channel Laureates, who are award-winning teacher leaders. These videos focus on points of instruction that are targeted and focused, so a teacher can watch and adopt new practices.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch any of our past webinars with educational experts like Doug Lemov, Nancy Frey, and Doug Fisher. Users can also download the presentation slides and read all of the webinar chat transcripts.

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