Tools and Resources

New Teacher Support

Your Confidence is Showing!

With thousands of videos highlighting best teaching practices, Teaching Channel Plus is uniquely positioned to support new teachers in their efforts to be confident, effective educators.

For schools and districts, Teaching Channel Plus offers new teacher resources which include:

Back to School Success

Your Best Year Ever!

New teachers can be consumed by planning and classroom management. Sometimes, the smallest strategies can have the biggest impact on the classroom.

With Teaching Channel Plus, download our Back To School Starter Packs for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Put your best foot forward on your very first day!

Best Practices in Teaching 

 a  personalized approach 

Within Teaching Channel Plus, Learning Plans incorporate our videos and yours, along with discussions and interactive assignments. Teaching Channel Plus has current, relevant, and individualized teacher support materials to address local, state, and national trends in education, including effective classroom instruction and assessments, building capacity, NGSS, Equity in Education, ELL, Special Education, and Social-Emotional Learning. We hundreds of resources to choose from, including:

Teaching Channel's Theory of Professional Learning




Analyze & Seek Feedback

Get feedback from colleagues. Within Teaching Channel Plus, private groups enable ongoing collaboration. This powerful professional learning tool allows you to reflect on your teaching, student work, and to see evidence of your own progress.


Gather & Focus

Discover and collect new ideas and exemplars relevant to you by clicking the filters on the video page.


Watch, Read & Analyze

As you watch, use the Interactive Notes tool to record ideas you notice.


Translate & Adapt

Now, customize the technique for your own classroom. Consider how you would adapt the strategy for your students.


Practice & Gather Evidence

Practice new techniques in your classroom and videotape yourself. With Teaching Channel Plus, you can delve deeper by uploading your own videos or copies of student work to share and discuss with trusted colleagues.

See the research behind Teaching Channel's Theory of Professional Learning.