Teaching Channel Plus: For Education Students

Using Teaching Channel Plus to complete classroom observations

Welcome! You're now part of a worldwide group of educators who are committed to strengthening their teaching practices through watching, sharing, and learning together. In order to follow the below steps, you should have already received a unique code from your instructor or through the bookstore at your college or university. If you haven't yet received a code, please contact your instructor before following the steps below to sign up. 

STEP 1:   Find your school and course and go to the course page.

STEP 2:   Click "Add to Cart". 

NOTE: The price listed on these course pages is NOT the final price you will pay. The price will change when you enter your unique promo code. 

STEP 3:   Go to your cart and enter your unique promo code. Apply to your order. 


Adding a promo code


STEP 4:   Click "Checkout" and finish entering in your information.

Order summary with price

NOTE: All users are required to enter in their billing and payment information in order to gain access to Teaching Channel Plus. However, if you have already paid for access via your college or university bookstore, your card will not be charged.

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