Enhancing Learning and Instruction 


How does Teaching Channel Plus impact the classroom?

Envision the possibilities of what curated, expert vetted, broadcast quality videos and personal video enhanced inquiry cycles can do for budding educators as they move through teacher education and into their careers. Teaching Channel doesn't just support educators in their careers, but also before and as they on-ramp into the profession.

"Teaching Channel Plus has allowed our teachers to become more reflective. One of the things I love about Tch Plus is that there's an opportunity to ask questions and get answers or ask questions and let them marinate and find resources to dig deeper. Teachers crave these opportunities."

Erin Gilrein Oceanside SD, NY

Teaching Channel Plus started to get my students to think about their impact teaching had on student learning. It helped them shift their focus from being a teacher in the classroom to about the influence they are having on their students.

Dr. Michael Cavanaugh Macquarie University, Sydney

Video Matters.

Especially when complex instructional approaches and strategies are required of educators. It is helpful to see, slow down, analyze, and reflect on models of instruction and student interactions whether they come from Teaching Channel or one's own set of videos.

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