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We have helped thousands of teachers, many from Connecticut, renew their certificates, increase their salaries and advance their careers.

Each Teaching Channel with Learners Edge 3-credit course requires approximately 45 hours for course completion.

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Teaching Channel with Learners Edge partners with highly respected colleges and universities to provide versatile and effective continuing education graduate credit courses for educators. Teaching Channel with Learners Edge University Partners are accredited by various agencies including: CAEP/TEAC/NCATE, HLC, NECHE, NWCCU WSCUC.

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District requirements vary; please refer to your contract or seek district guidance or pre-approval as needed.

Move to a Professional Educator Certificate

Anyone applying for a professional educator certificate must have an official transcript documenting the completion of 30 semester hours of credit beyond the bachelor’s degree (certification issued before July 1, 2018), or official transcript documenting the completion of a master’s degree in a subject area related to the endorsement held (certification issued for the first time on or after July 1, 2018) in an appropriate subject matter area related to such person’s certification endorsement area, as determined by the State Board of Education. A master’s degree completed at a regionally accredited college or university that includes at least 15 graduate credits in content or content pedagogy meets the state’s new master’s degree requirement to advance a certificate in a teaching area from the provisional to the professional level. Teaching Channel with Learners Edge partners with American College of Education to offer flexible programs just right for your busy schedule.

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