April 23, 2019

Utilizing Video for Reflection and Collaborative Coaching

For the Insight ADVANCE team, developing good educators is a priority and it’s what inspires our work each day. Teachers continue to tell us they don’t feel like they’re getting the feedback they need to grow–which is a serious problem. And, we know traditional “sit and get” PD doesn’t work. What does? The research points to coaching. Utilizing video not only allows for self-reflection, but can also increase the frequency of coaching. 

The following video is from a recent panel discussion, moderated by our cofounder Dr. Michael Moody, that features educators who are regularly using video in their work for a variety of use cases. Their conversation challenges the status quo by addressing the tough questions: What does effective PD really look like? Does the return on investment make sense? Are there ways to rethink the current systematic approach? How can video support educator growth?

We firmly believe there IS room to improve PD—and not just for teachers, but also for coaches and school leaders. By embracing video, professional development can become more job-embedded, content-specific, frequent and cost effective. Please enjoy watching these four passionate educators discuss how they are actually using video to grow their teachers, coaches, school leaders and themselves.

Hosted by:

  • Dr. Michael Moody, founder of Insight ADVANCE


  • Claire Gogolen, program manager at Harvard University Center for Education and Research
  • Paul Freeman, superintendent of Guilford Public Schools
  • Kathryn Procope, head of school at Howard University Middle School

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