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May 19, 2020

What is Fast Track?

These courses were written with you in mind. From the easy registration process to getting evaluator feedback in 2 short days, we are simplifying and speeding up the process. We even ensured all course materials are online, so no need to wait for a textbook. Just dive right in!

These 3-credit coursesconsist of three modules just like most of our other coursesandperindustry standard,include about45 hoursof coursework. The first two modules are chock full ofonlineresources for your investigationand require only a multiple choice assessment vs. submission ofwrittenwork. Module 3 provides the opportunity toputall of your learning from modules 1 and 2into practicethrough a final applicationprojectand reflection.Submit your work and an evaluator will provide you with specific feedback within 48 hours.Once your grade is processed,request your transcript through our university partners,Augustana University or Roosevelt University, and receive it in only 2-4 business days.

Here’s How to Fast Track:

Step 1:Select a Fast TrackCourse,get registered,and get learning!

Take a look at the coursedescriptionsbelow to findone that interests you.Or find a couple sinceourmulti-course discountcan be used with Fast Track courses, too.(Just be sure to allow yourself 45 hours of work time per course.)

Step 2:Receive your personalized feedback fromyourcourse evaluator just 48 hoursaftercoursework submission.Once your grade is processed,you can move toStep 3.

Step 3:Request your transcript from our university partners, Augustana University or Roosevelt University.Their turnaround time is excellent.

There you have it, How to Fast Track!

Learners Edge offers 8 Continuing Education
Fast TrackCourses in many different topic areas.


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