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June 17, 2021

Teachers Make a Difference!

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a
difference in our lives.”

— John F. Kennedy

It’s The Little Things

A thank-you note or a kind word — even a simple smile goes a long way for a teacher. We often underestimate the influence of the little things or think what we have to offer is so insignificant — what’s the point?

But I know teachers who cherish notes from students scribbled on scrap paper and well up with tears when one of their “kids” says thanks. It’s just as powerful when this kind of everyday recognition comes from parents, colleagues, or administrators.

But It’s Also The Big Things

One day, even one week, is simply not enough to honor and thank teachers for the work they do every day with their heart — their students — at the center. Gratitude is great and teachers appreciate every kind word and nod of recognition, no matter how small. However, we know that genuine, meaningful appreciation is reflected by action, not merely words, tweets, or a spread of treats in the faculty lunchroom.

Real appreciation recognizes teachers as experts and trusts them to make decisions that best serve their students.

Real appreciation gives teachers autonomy in their classrooms and choice and voice in their professional learning experiences.

Real appreciation gives teachers a seat at the table and a voice in policy conversations and that voice is valued, respected, and thoughtfully considered.

At Teaching Channel, we know that teaching is one of the toughest, most demanding, most frustrating, most complex… most inspiring, most rewarding, most important careers in the world.

Teaching is difficult because it’s intuitive, and sometimes invisible. It’s the simultaneous expression of excitement, empathy, encouragement, expectation, and exhaustion. It’s almost impossible to quantify — and you make it look easy.


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