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March 4, 2021

Teaching Channel’s Video Playlist Bonanza

What to watch this summer

Welcome to Tch‘s playlist headquarters! Get your fill of classroom management strategies, innovative approaches to learning, and more. Press play on one (or more) of these teacher-curated lists — we can learn something new together!

New Approaches to Try

series icon - playlist Educating Digital Citizens: Here’s a playlist showing how teachers are educating students on a number of different technology-related issues, including security, research, and etiquette.

series icon - playlist Reasoning and Constructing Arguments: Teaching Channel created this series of videos to show how two of the Common Core Math Practice Standards progress throughout the grades.

series icon - playlist Four Steps to Get You Reading Like a Historian: In this series, students explore different perspectives of historical events and develop opinions based on their readings.

Innovative Learning Strategies

series icon - playlist Deeper Learning: In this series of 50+ videos, see how ten Deeper Learning networks are preparing their students for success. Watch all 50+ videos, or pick and choose from the list of topics.

series icon - playlist Growth Mindset and Deeper Learning: See how a growth mindset can support integrated learning as students see how people work together to solve problems and meet goals.

Improving Your Practice

series icon - playlist Teaching as a Team Sport: See how working with a team of teachers can make your job easier, more effective, and fun. With engaged and engaging teachers, learning is bound to happen.

series icon - playlist Authentic Assessments: Watch as students become active partners in the assessment process, and see their teachers make real-time decisions based on assessment data.

New Teachers: Things to Make Your Life Easier

series icon - playlist 9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management: This playlist highlights a mix of techniques for fostering a productive classroom culture. Start using these techniques on the first day of school!

series icon - playlist 7 Minutes, 7 Attention Getting Moves: Get their attention quickly! Watch seven attention-getting methods geared towards several different age groups.

series icon - playlist 5 Vocabulary Strategies: Looking for new approaches to vocabulary? Watch these five quick strategy videos, all centered around teaching vocabulary.

series icon - playlist New Teacher Survival Guide: This eight-video series walks you through some of the steps you’ll need to take before the first day of school. (Don’t forget to look at these resources for new teachers as well.)


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