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March 26, 2021

Sarah’s Summer Road Trip (Week 2): Question Protocols

The first leg of our virtual trip across the country to Seattle, Washington gave us special insight into the importance of discourse as part of learning to reason. This time, we’re hitting the road and heading all the way to Tampa, Florida and Thristene Francisco’s 6th grade language arts classroom. Here, we’re not only going to hear amazing student discussion, but we’re also going to learn how this teacher uses student-driven questioning as the foundation of the learning that happens in her classroom. Let’s get those wheels turning and travel on!

You’re invited to join us on a special tour of Thristene’s classroom, where we will not only take a closer look at her instructional moves, but we’ll also have a chance to learn from other teachers around the country by participating in the discussion feature on the tour. And, I’m telling you, just wait until you hear what kinds of insights these 6th graders are uncovering as they read!

(I also had a chance to talk with Thristene as part of the Road Trip planning. To learn more about Thristene’s story, read my interview with her.)


In case you’re collecting souvenirs along the way of your road trip, here are some insights I know I’ll be taking back to my classroom with me as reminders of what I learned from Thristene on this journey.

  • Using student-driven questions for discussion creates an implicit engagement on the part of students.
  • You don’t have to be talking to be teaching.
  • Students will surprise us when we give them space.

Travel Tunes

All my road trips require extensive playlists. After all, what’s a stretch of highway without some sound to sing along to? If you need a little extra inspiration along your trip, here are a few “tunes” to ease the miles to come.


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