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March 5, 2021

10 Resources for Setting Up Your Classroom

Given how much time teachers spend in their classrooms, it’s like a home away from home. This year, design a classroom that is comfortable, inspiring, and promotes learning. We’ve curated a list of resources with ideas to make this process fun!

1. Check out three suggestions from Teaching Channel’s own Lily Jones on how to organize an efficient classroom. An organized classroom is the backbone of efficient learning!

2. See classrooms from around the country in Edutopia’s Five-Minute Film Festival.

3. Consider partitioning your classroom into seven learning zones to help establish routines and save time throughout the year.

4. Scholastic’s Virtual Classroom Layout Tool is an interactive way to test various classroom configurations. Try it out!

5. Our Tch Pinterest Board is full of ideas for classroom organization, as does our board for creative classroom setups.

6. For more visuals of different kinds of classroom arrangements, visit the blog “The School Supply Addict.”

7. Class Dojo provides three general rules for setting up your classroom.

8. In this video, School as a Living Museum, learn what the benefits are of making student artwork public in a school. What does this philosophy do for the individual students and for the school environment?

9. Step away from traditional classroom design. See how teachers in the Hartland-Lakeside school district in Wisconsin are creating classroom environments that works for all types of learners.

10. When thinking about how to set up your school or classroom environment, have you thought about looking outside of the school’s walls? See what you can learn from companies like Google, IDEO, and Pixar.


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