March 16, 2021

Let’s Chat Core: Learning to Read the Core

We hear from teachers every day here at Teaching Channel. Without fail, the most frequent questions and requests have something to do with the Common Core State Standards. In a recent Tchers’ Voice survey we asked you to share your most pressing questions about the Core.

We’ve compiled these questions and we are making a four-month commitment to bring you a steady stream of information and new resources, designed with your needs in mind. I’m looking forward to answering your questions and curating resources that help support your ongoing Core shifts.

You can expect to find resources in many ways:

  • You’ll get access to short video webinars where I unpack different facets of the Core
  • I’ll answer many of your questions in regular blog posts
  • I’ll address some Core questions through brief podcasts
  • We’ll direct you to specific core-aligned videos from our library, often with my commentary in the Notes section

There’s no reason to feel isolated in this work when there is a community of teachers and learners right here at Teaching Channel ready to join in this journey. It’s our collective questions, experiences, successes and mistakes in implementing the Core that will buoy us all. So get ready to not only watch, listen, and read, but also to join in the conversation: we’ll all be better for it!

I’d like to begin our “Let’s Chat Core” series, with this video webinar that starts with the basics:

Learning to Read the Core: A View from 30,000 Feet.

Let's Chat Core: A View From 30,000 Feet

UPDATE: Here is a running list of all the Let’s Chat Core topics so far.

Learning to Read the Core (video)

Implementing the Core: Where to Begin?

Core Changes and Their Impact

Unpacking the Standards (video)

A Go to Toolbox for Teachers

Simplifying Text Complexity (video)

 5 Questions to Ask about Core Resources

Beyond Right Answers: Math and the Core (video)


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