October 1, 2022

October Resource Round-Up: Effective Communication with Parents and Guardians

Before parent-teacher conferences start appearing on the calendar, lay the communication foundation for your classroom and start helping yourself and your students! This month learn how to establish positive and constructive parent/guardian relationships by focusing on parent-teacher communication throughout the year. From pro-engagement approaches to strategies that foster participation, we’ve compiled top resources for fine-tuning your classroom communication.



10 Tips for Teachers Communicating with Difficult Parents

Learners Edge

Beyond Parent-Teacher Conferences: Building Connections That Last

— Lily Jones, Teaching Channel

Teachers Share Their Best Advice for Managing Parents, and We Could Cry With Gratitude

— Kelly Treleaven, We Are Teachers

Teacher-Parent Communication Strategies to Start the Year Off Right

— Paige Tutt, Edutopia

The Jackhammer Parents Are Here and They’re Destroying School

— Kelly Treleaven, We Are Teachers


Teaching Channel Talks 46: Building Teacher-Family Relationships

—Teaching Channel Talks

Different Types of Parents All Teachers Meet

Teachers Off Duty

How to Differentiate Parent Communication While Setting Healthy Boundaries (with Erika Walther)

—Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers


9 Ways to Communicate with Parents for Teachers // INCREASE Parent Communication

— 21st Century Classroom, YouTube

Teacher and Parent Relationships — A Crucial Ingredient

— Cecille Carroll, TED Talk (TEDxWellsStreetED)

The ABC’s of Parent Involvement

—Teaching Channel 


Family Engagement and Parent Communication for Student Success

Course 130 | 10 Hr Professional Development | PK-12+

Are you looking for new ways to engage families or communicate with parents of students in your classroom?  Do want to improve your teamwork with parents to maximize student outcomes? This course highlights the benefits of consistent and effective family engagement and parent communication and offers a treasure-trove of strategies and resources to help you tap into parent power for student success!

Engaging Parents for Student Success

Course 5844 | 3-Credit | PK-12+ 

Create intentional relationships to build rapport with parents while learning how to engage families in their student’s success. Discover pro-engagement strategies, ways to foster participation, and how to motivate parents, students, and community members to work as a team to ensure student achievement and learning. This course will explore strategies to help you establish positive, constructive relationships with the parents of your students, and ways to improve and focus on parent-teacher communication.

Parent Trap: Achieving Success with Difficult Parents & Difficult Situations

Course 859 | 3-Credit | K-12+ 

This course explores strategies to help you establish positive, constructive relationships with the parents of your students while helping you work with even the most difficult parents in the most challenging situations. You will learn how to avoid “trigger” words,  how to use the “right” words to develop more positive relationships, and how to deal with parents who accuse you of not being “fair.”


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