November 5, 2022

November Resource Round-Up: Literacy for Inspiring Young Readers & Writers

As teachers, we like to get cozy and curl up with a good book when the weather cools. With the right literacy strategies in our toolbelt, we can inspire a love for reading in our students and give them the confidence they need to excel in their writing. From guides to exercises, shake up your instruction and get the whole class reading and writing with this month’s resource round-up!



How to Work Literacy Instruction Into All Content Areas

—Andrew Boryga, Edutopia

5 Strategies to Get Your Students Reading and Writing

—Julie Yeager, Learners Edge

Literacy in the Digital Age: 5 Effective Writing Tools

— Steve Figurelli & Natalie Franzi, Teaching Channel

20 Ideas To Inspire Your Students To Read More Than Ever This Year

— Elizabeth Mulvahill, We Are Teachers

Developing a Love of Reading in Students

— Kathryn Starke, Edutopia


Teaching Channel Talks 42: The Gamification of Reading with Kwamara Thompson

—Teaching Channel Talks

171: Does Your School Need a Literacy Check-Up?

Cult of Pedagogy

Research, Comprehension, and Content-Rich Literacy Instruction: Sonia Cabell

—Science of Reading: The Podcast


Post-Its: Little Notes for Big Discussion

— Nudge Learning from Learners Edge

Kids Need Diverse Literacy

— Rebecca Clark, TED Talk (TEDxGatewayArchWomen)

Developing Literacy

—Teaching Channel 


Best Practices in Teaching Expository Writing

Course 5226 | 3-Credits | 5-12+

This course provides guidance for ELA and content area educators looking for engaging ways to improve both student expository writing and writing instruction. Using key resources and examples, you’ll learn to differentiate between the typical structures of expository writing, understand how to use mentor texts for writing support, and activate the writing process for students and colleagues. Resources are also included for scaffolding and support for English learners and students who are neurodiverse, along with strategies and insights to refresh your writing instruction.

Shifting Your Focus to the Science of Reading

Course 5227 | 3-Credits | PK-3

The excitement and intrigue around the Science of Reading has many educators looking for clear and concise guidelines on just what to teach and how. This course helps to sort through the research, providing a pathway toward more impactful instructional practices. With 6 manageable, yet powerful shifts grounded in decades of research, you’ll learn to apply high-leverage practices to support oral language development, phonemic awareness, phonics, and word-solving skills– all key components for comprehension.  Dive into the science of reading to help unlock the alphabetic code that enables students to read with greater confidence and less struggle.

Focus on Phonics for Effective Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction

Course 5030 | 3-Credits | K-8

This course explores strategies to help you establish positive, constructive relationships with the parents of your students while helping you work with even the most difficult parents in the most challenging situations. You will learn how to avoid “trigger” words,  how to use the “right” words to develop more positive relationships, and how to deal with parents who accuse you of not being “fair.”


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