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April 19, 2021

Jump In With Next Generation Science Standards Deep Dive

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Science is important for students to learn. No, actually, science is crucial for everyone to understand the world and how we interact with it. Teaching Channel, alongside many educators, is working hard to communicate strategies and resources to improve science instruction and allow deeper understanding and broader access for all students.

NGSS Science Squad: Our Why?

Our work in education is always changing, evolving, and improving to stay current and authentic. The NGSS have transformed science from a series of topics to ways of thinking and problem solving within a context and progression that are better aligned with the demands of today’s world. We want students to go beyond memorizing formulas and chemical compounds to be inquisitive, explorative, innovative, flexible, and communicative.

What Is The NGSS Deep Dive:

The NGSS Deep Dive is a user-friendly space packed with expertly curated resources, within Teaching Channel, where educators can familiarize themselves with the shifts in the standards, watch teachers of all grade levels in action, gather resources and ideas, and connect with educators doing this work in schools. Teachers can explore essential questions, video resources, blog posts, and featured content, such as the list of standards, rubrics, lessons, PD guidance, and more. No matter where you are in your own continuum of learning with the NGSS, there are valuable assets in the NGSS Deep Dive to stimulate thinking and inspire teaching.

Deep Dive Highlights

Essential Questions

Start with the Essential Questions to gain a foundation of knowledge. This component of the NGSS Deep Dive is a wonderful resource where educators can get started on making shifts towards 3-dimensional science instruction. Betsy Sanford, a second grade teacher, said the Essential Questions helped her frame her approach:

“It actually makes me, as a teacher, think as a student would
while discovering new content.”

Video Resources

Use the Video Resources to watch videos of teachers in action implementing lessons. The overview videos are helpful to teachers in bridging what they’ve been doing and the learning goals of the new standards.

“After watching a couple of the videos, it helped me see how what we are currently doing fits into the new standards and practices,”

states 4th grade teacher Becky Rappin. The videos bring to life how science might look in classrooms now and help facilitate conversations with embedded questions.

Squadster Blog

As a cadre of teachers from across the country, we’re working on sharing ideas and driving science instruction forward as we navigate the NGSS journey with you. Check out these blogs from our members.

What’s Next?

The good news is the Deep Dives are in their infancy. We are constantly creating, vetting, and researching additional items to improve and inspire teachers. As the Next Gen Science Squad enters our second year, we’re excited to update the amazing resources curated on Teaching Channel’s site. So please, check back often!


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