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April 19, 2021

Introducing The New Teacher Deep Dive: We’ve Got Your Backs!

Being a new teacher is extremely exciting and completely exhausting. So let me start by shouting this loud and clear:

We are here to help you!

Because we know that starting your teaching career can be all consuming, we’ve created our New Teacher Deep Dive just for you.

In this Deep Dive, we’ve bundled together all sorts of content that will help make your life as a new teacher easier. From building class culture to learning how to lesson plan, we’ve got you covered. This Deep Dive takes you through four essential questions:

In addition to all this great content, we’ve also got Tch Laureate Crystal Morey on board to help support you during your first year of teaching. Crystal will be designing monthly challenges to help you grow your practice. She’ll also be available to answer your questions through Q&A (make sure to tag your question with the topic “new teachers”) and Twitter (tag @themathdancer and @teachingchannel). We’ll also be sending out a monthly newsletter just for new teachers, which you can sign up for here.

Ready to start learning?

Check out the Deep Dive and then get started on Crystal’s first challenge:
It’s August —  which means, if you haven’t already, you are about to experience the feelings that arise as you walk into your empty classroom for the first time. Rather than seeing this as lackluster and drab, I challenge you to see this as an opportunity to begin shaping your style and message.

Much like an artist would a blank canvas, imagine the enormous possibilities that can enhance the space, transforming it from blank to inspirational.

  • First, make this space your own. If the previous teacher has left quite a number of items in the classroom, take a moment to determine what you can recycle.
  • Second, take time as you decorate. Craft a vision board. What are your favorite quotations? Who are the people that have inspired you to become a teacher? What colors make you feel at peace? What desk arrangement may bring about the greatest learning opportunity for your students?

Remember, this will be your home away from home, so make it comfortable and authentic. When you enter your space, you should feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease.

Want to get inspired? Check out our vision board collection on Pinterest. After crafting your vision board, share it with us on Instagram and Twitter by tagging @teachingchannel and @themathdancer (Crystal), and using #ntchat. We can’t wait to see your style.

We’re so looking forward to learning and growing with you this year!


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