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February 28, 2023

NELW 2022 Panel: Creating Exemplar Videos

(Educators featured: Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Project Coaches, Hannah Karl and Erica Sanders)

Last October, our partners at Insight Education Group brought together hundreds of educators from across the country to network, share, and learn—with the goal of working together to improve outcomes for all students.

During the annual conference we hosted a panel discussion with our friends from MSD of Decatur Township (IN) and discussed their five-year district journey of using video-based professional learning and instructional coaching. 

The forth of five use cases we discussed was creating exemplar videos.

The educators of MSD of Decatur Township are at the beginning stages of building an exemplar video library to be utilized district-wide. And while they say it’s a work in progress, they are already noticing several benefits. For example, their teachers no longer have to hire a substitute while they observe the teacher next door, or a teacher a building over, or even a teacher outside of their district. They can watch an exemplar classroom video of their choosing at their convenience. By now you know Decatur’s district culture supports continuous educator growth–and encouraging their teachers to utilize and create exemplars only deepens that notion. 

Within the creating exemplar videos portion, these key points are discussed:

  • Build a school or district library over time
  • How an exemplar library can be used as a tool for instructional leaders
  • Support your new teachers with classroom videos
  • Deepen professional development with exemplars 
  • Learn the benefits of sharing videos across buildings, or even districts and beyond
  • Celebrate the great work teachers are doing with their exemplar videos
  • We’re excited to introduce the Teaching Channel library (of 1,500+ classroom exemplar videos) into our video coaching platform, learn more!

As you may have noticed in the video clip above, Decatur’s exemplar video library compliments the other areas touched on thus far in this panel presentation: self-reflection, growth mindset and mastery of craft–ultimately supporting continuous teacher growth for educators at all levels. We can learn so much from those close by and far away, and with video we now have that option.

Interested in checking out the parts of this presentation? See below.

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