February 7, 2023

NELW 2022 Panel: Mastery of the Teaching Craft

Last October, our partners at Insight Education Group brought together hundreds of educators from across the country to network, share, and learn—with the goal of working together to improve outcomes for all students.

During the annual conference I hosted a panel discussion with our friends from MSD of Decatur Township (IN) and discussed their five-year district journey of using video-based professional learning and instructional coaching. 

The third of five use cases we discussed was the mastery of the teaching craft and how video can help.

As an instructional coach you may find that your first-year teachers are easier to coach compared to your “high-flyers”–the plan and goals just tend to be more straightforward. We believe all educators deserve the opportunity to be continually coached, no matter what their skill-level is. In this section of the presentation the panel discusses how they challenge their teachers to push their practice to new levels.

Watch the mastery of the teaching craft portion of the panel below.

(Educators featured: Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Project Coaches,  Hannah Karl and Erica Sanders)

Within the mastery of the teaching craft portion these key points are discussed:

  • Showing what’s possible for teachers
  • Pushing “high-flyers” to achieve even more through self-reflection
  • Honing in on specific areas of practice–you can’t work on everything at all times
  • The integration of coaching and calibration for the coaches and administrators district-wide
  • Building a district-wide vocabulary   

Whether you are a teacher or a superintendent, you deserve to have a continual vision for your professional growth–the learning never stops. When you integrate video coaching, mastering specific areas and learning from colleagues becomes a reality. We would love to hear the ways you are working towards mastering your craft in the comments section below.

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