June 4, 2022

June Resource Round-Up: Tools for Rewarding Endings and Successful Beginnings!

As one school year winds down, we know another isn’t far behind. Summer break allows us to take a step out of the classroom and take a breath, but it also gives us a chance to reflect on the last year and consider how we can take what we’ve learned with us.

Whether you’re looking for support in these last few days, or your summer has started and you’re ready to think about the next school year, we’ve gathered resources to help you transition this summer!


Time Filler Activities for the End-of-the-Year

— Marcee Harris, Learners Edge

Clean Up Your Google Classroom for the End-of-the-Year

— Marcee Harris, Teaching Channel

4 Meaningful Activities to Mark the End of School

— Rachel Furman, Edutopia

First Day of School Preparation for Fall Begins in the Summer

— Melissa Poliseno, iteach


Episode 54: Dr. Michael Moody on the Importance of Having Educators Support Educators

—Teaching Channel Talks

How To Sprint Into Summer as a Teacher (Because You Deserve It)

— This Teacher Life

Episode 36: Ta-Da You’ve Done It!

— Self-care for Educators with Dr. Tina H. Boogren


It’s Always Awkward in the Beginning: Making the Most of Your First Day

— Teaching Channel 

Setting Expectations on the First Day of School

—Teaching Channel 

Leading with Learning: The First Day of School

— Teaching Channel


One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Forms for your Classroom

Course 5833 | 3-Credit | K-12+

Take your classroom to the next level using a host of Google apps! In this self-paced, online course, you’ll learn how to set up and organize your Google Drive and Chrome browser for optimal efficiency.  Explore step-by-step how to leverage the creative and collaborative features of Google documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, forms, and sites to increase engagement in your classroom and integrate technology in meaningful ways. 

Planning for Engagement and Rigor in the Online Classroom

Course 5103 | 3-Credit | K-12+ 

Looking for strategic ways to make your classroom even better? Discover effective, efficient strategies to plan online teaching. Filled with resources, ideas, and videos demonstrating examples of high-impact teaching, this course will give you what you need to improve your online classroom and student learning, even from a distance! 

Authentic Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Course 5104 | 3-Credit | K-12+

IBring the real world into your classroom with this graduate-level course. Delve into instructional strategies useful for increasing engagement, investigate 21st Century skills, and design a backward-built project-based learning plan to use with your students! You will come away from this course with a solid understanding of authentic learning and ready-to-use activities that can be immediately applied to your teaching.


Back-to-School Webinar Series

— Learners Edge


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