May 29, 2015

How to Create a Document Using Google Docs

Creating a Document Using Google Docs

Prepare yourself, your students and take your classroom to the next level using a host of Google tools. Teacher Gina St. Clair, lays out the step-by-step process for setting up a Google doc in your classroom.

Create a story, poem, or presentation and share it with the world.

  • Go to the Google home page
  • Click on the 9 square box in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on Drive, the yellow, blue & green triangle
  • If it asks you to download Drive, say no thanks, you already have it.
  • Your page will look like this:
  • To start your document or presentation, click on the Create link.
  • Then, click on the blue Documentation icon.
    • Docs is a word processing program and very similar to Word.  If you have used Word, you will already be very familiar with how to use Docs.  I’m hoping you will learn some cool news things too.
  • Now you are ready to enter content!
  • Helpful Hints:
    • Click on Untitled document to give your document a name.
    • Click on the paperclip icon to add a link to your document
    • Click on “More” button to change alignment or add bullets
    • Click on “Normal text” to format a heading.
    • Explore, and have fun!

A great way to get your students/colleagues familiar with using Google Docs would be to compose a story, with everyone writing one sentence.  It’s kind-of like the old game of telephone.  You start the story in Google Docs, share it with your students/colleagues, and they add their thoughts and ideas.  The end result can be quite surprising and entertaining!

Want to learn how you can take your classroom to the next level like Gina did?  Register for DL-5833: One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Sketchs, Spreadsheets and Virtual Travel for Your Classroom.  This course will show you how to create a document using Google docs, and also teach you how to create and share Google documents and spreadsheets online, access your documents from anywhere on any computer, import your existing documents, and organize your work into folders.  You’ll also be guided through publishing your documents and learn how to collaborate online with other users in real time.  This course will truly demonstrate the power of Google Apps to enhance your instruction and make your life a bit easier!


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