November 18, 2022

Have Fun With Gratitude [+ Free Printable Fall BINGO]

If you are looking for something fun to teach students about gratitude, look no further!

Of course it makes sense that at this time of year, we would want to acknowledge the teachers who take our courses. We understand you have choices for professional development, so it is with sincere gratitude that we thank you for choosing Learners Edge!

And, because we know this is the perfect time of year to teach gratitude, we put together a Gratitude BINGO game along with a few lesson links to help you build gratitude habits in the classroom.


  • Print copies (laminate!) of the BINGO cards
  • Cut one BINGO card into individual squares (sunshine, music, etc.) and the 5 BINGO letters into individual squares for calling out, (e.g. “B” “sunshine”)
  • Distribute BINGO cards to students
  • As you call the items and the letters, ask students to share why they are grateful for the item (sunshine, music, etc.) Or, once a student has BINGO, ask the student to share something on the card for which they are grateful
  • Use *small wrapped treats for students to use as BINGO card markers, then students can eat the treats at the end of play!
  • (*Treats should be small enough to fit on the BINGO card, and a variety of wrapped treats works best. Some students may have sugar restrictions, remember healthy treats work too!)

    Below are some of our favorite gratitude lessons you can facilitate pre or post BINGO:

    Creative Preschool Activities that Express Gratitude from Teaching Expertise

    Gratitude Kindergarten Lesson Plan-Draw About It! from BrainPOP

    Strengths-based Gratitude Curriculum for Tweens and Teens from the Greater Good Science Center at University of California-Berkeley

    Gratitude Activities for Kids from We Are Teachers

    Social-Emotional Learning Activities and Games for Teachers from Positive Action

    We are grateful for you!



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