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March 8, 2021

Being Effective Without a Classroom

I often get emails from our members with very thoughtful questions. And then I think exactly what I hear myself saying in class, “if you’re asking the question, then there are others who must be wondering too.” Such was the day I read this question from teacher, Jill S.

An Inquiry

Good evening, Sarah.

I have been following you on Teaching Channel and am so delighted that I have found you! I am also a floater teacher. I change classes with the students. In my opinion, it is hard to have proper classroom procedures without a classroom. Classroom management is harder since I do walk in the door at the same time as my students. There is not really a “spot” where the students can turn in their work, get supplies etc. In addition, it is hard for me to do strategic teaching since I am unable to set up the classroom in a manner that suits me. … My question to you is how can I be effective without the bells and whistles my co-workers have? I feel as though I have been set up for failure. I would love to hear any ideas and suggestions that you can pass on to me in terms of strategic teaching!

My Response

As someone who was a traveling teacher early in my career, I know exactly what you’re talking about. There are a lot of things that are tough to create when that happens, but here are a few ideas that worked for me.

I got a cart from the library. One of those big ones we used to put overhead projectors on. Then, I always had materials with me, student papers with me, supplies, etc. Not as ideal as a classroom, but I liked it better than hauling things in bags from one room to the next.

I asked each teacher for a space in the room that could be for our class. Maybe it was a bulletin board, a section of the white board, a wall space for student work. Just something that would help my students see this as their room too, not just one we were all visiting.

Today, I think you could utilize technology to think about classroom environment. If you have a class website or an Edmodo page, you could post assignments there, as well as student work, or notes from class. It’s a nice way to think about curating your class even though you don’t have the advantage of an actual classroom. In some ways, you’ll be a pioneer as you figure out now what others will need to figure out later as we continue to use technology to shape what learning environments look like.

Just remember that you are your greatest bell and whistle! But if you need a little reminder, have the kids decorate your cart one day. It will make all of you happy and instead of despising that thing on wheels your principal will see how you take your learning environment wherever you go! (If you do this, be sure to send me a picture!)


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