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October 5, 2021

New Courses For You

Fall is here, and we’ve been working hard creating courses to ensure you and your students shine. Check out the latest and what is greatest about our new 3 credit additions! 

Course 5141: Social Studies Instruction for Maximum Impact

Explore surface learning, deep learning, and transfer of learning to help students and make a difference every day, now and in the future, with impactful instructional methods in your social studies classroom. 

Course 5143: Creating Safe and Supportive Spaces for LGBT+ Youth

Increase your understanding and awareness to support and champion students who identify as LGBT+. You’ll learn about allyship, how to have difficult conversations, and how to increase the inclusivity of the learning environment. Apply new understanding to ensure all students see themselves represented in the classroom, school, and community.  

Course 5145: Blended Learning: Cover to Cover

Connect with educators from coast-to-coast in this shared reading experience cleverly called “Cover-to-Cover”! This course’s dynamic combination of reading, discussion, and reflection is offered in our popular Blended Learning format, a combination of live synchronous discussion sessions and asynchronous online learning.  

Course 5148: 3D Learning with the Next Generation Science Standards

Whether you are new to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), or have just started to dig in, we’re here to help you navigate! Learn how to use the Practices, Cross-Cutting, and Disciplinary Core Ideas to design and align your lessons with the NGSS. You’ll leave the course with all you need to apply NGSS 3D Learning. 

*Course 5150: Magnifying Reading Intervention Through Science and Research

Looking for research-based methods to increase your students’ reading skills? Working to meet your licensure renewal requirements in Florida? This course will help you plan and implement interventions, lessons, and strategies for reading, and to investigate the science of reading, along with explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to reading instruction. Join us as we take a closer look at reading intervention skills for students with and without disabilities.  

*Course 5151: Maximizing Learning for all Through Differentiation

Differentiation means meeting each student where they are to improve educational outcomes. This course includes some content for licensure renewal requirements in Massachusetts. Learn and apply methods of differentiation for both English learners and students with special needs and explore topics like Culturally Responsive Teaching, Formative Assessment, Gradual Release of Responsibility, Vocabulary Instruction, Universal Design for Learning, and more! 

Course 5205: Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification

In this first-of-its-kind gamified course from Learners Edge, you’ll complete a variety of challenges to uncover the powerful secrets of gamification and playful learning! Explore ways to combine tried and true instructional methods with the science of gamification to transform any lesson or classroom routine. Your epic adventure awaits! 

*Although these courses are designed to meet Florida and Massachusetts renewal requirements, they are available to all customers interested in the topics! 

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