September 4, 2020

Blended Learning Courses

This blog post was written by Lance Raabe, Learners Edge onsite and blended learning course evaluator & current teacher with over 25 years of experience in the classroom.

As teachers, we are facing some difficult questions this fall as we navigate the 2020-21 school year.  We are living our teaching lives one day at a time and many of us are finding the most difficult question to answer is “How is your school year going?”  

I don’t know how to answer, and perhaps, you don’t either. 

I’d like to respond “Great, everything is going well,” or, “It feels like every other school year!”  Of course, this wouldn’t be true, and I would be fabricating a response that only fits another narrative. This school year is a challenge. It is hard. I believe it is best practice to tell the truth and to admit that things are difficult.  

Although much has changed, a few teaching constants do remain:  

  • Our ability to be a positive force for good.
    Students may not be able to see the smiles behind our masks and may miss our physical presence, but the positivity we bring to classrooms and to remote learning, is felt by students.  
  • Our ability to be there for students. 
    Whether in person or online, students appreciate our attempts to make things feel as normal as we can. Connecting with students remotely, face-to-face or over the phone is crucial.  

Which brings me to another question, what are you doing to care for yourself in this new normal with so many unknowns?  

This fall, I am leading 2 Blended Learning Zoom courses that are at the core of teacher wellness. Whether it’s maintaining a positive focus or emphasizing self-care, teachers’ health and well-being are the focus. As we clean our classrooms, wear PPE, support students, re-work lessons, navigate distance learning, and maneuver hurdles, we want you to remember to take care of you.  

If a course that oozes affirmations and focuses on the positive parts of teaching sounds like what you need, we have the course for you.  

If a fanciful art lesson, an invigorating group exercise session, or a tasty Top Chef cooking competition intrigues you, we’ve got that, too!  

These two courses may be just what you need! 

From your home, attend 2 live Zoom sessions, then, at your own pace, complete the online requirements and earn 3 graduate credits from Augustana or Roosevelt University. 

We hope to see you in a Blended Learning course so we can connect as we experience this unprecedented school year.  

Please join me! 

Lance Raabe 
Blended and Onsite Course Instructor 
Learners Edge 

Learners Edge Offers 100+ Self-Paced, Online,
Graduate Credit Continuing Education Courses for Teachers


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