January 20, 2023

Big Changes from Our Blended Learning REBOOT

Are you ready for a REBOOT!?

It’s a new year, so we have redesigned, refreshed, and rebooted our Blended Learning courses.

Formerly known as “Blended Learning,” we have updated the format name to “Hybrid/Blended Learning” (HBL) which more accurately represents your course experience! This format provides a mix of online module requirements plus in-person-virtual learning, giving you the best of both worlds—and, you can meet any district requirements for instructor interaction!

One major benefit of our Hybrid/Blended Learning courses is connecting and learning with a community of teachers! You will have the opportunity to interact with the course facilitator and other teachers from across the nation. The live, synchronous learning environment is particularly beneficial for teachers who prefer a more interactive, collaborative learning experience. By participating in the one required 2-hour synchronous session, you can ask questions, engage in discussions, and get feedback in real time!

Along with a new name comes two exciting changes to the Hybrid/Blended Learning Courses in 2023:

1. Hybrid/Blended Learning is now available ALL YEAR

In the past, these courses were only available 3 times during the year. Beginning February 1st, you will be able to register for the Hybrid/Blended Learning courses anytime, with the synchronous sessions available on a monthly cadence.

2. Choose Your Live Synchronous Session

The live, synchronous sessions include content that is ripe for interaction, discussion, and conversation! After registering for your Hybrid/Blended Learning course, you will select one 2-hour synchronous (Zoom) session from the dates/times listed in the online course environment, then receive an email confirmation from Zoom (piece-o-cake!).

Ready to try our new and improved Hybrid/Blended Learning Courses? Explore the courses below, or sign up to be notified when courses go live!

OS 5705: (HYBRID) Living Your Happiest Life, Inside & Outside the Classroom

Teaching is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be incredibly hard. In order to be the most effective teachers, we need to bring our best selves into the classroom. When you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, this can be easier said than done. In Living Your Happiest Life you will learn how to master your mindset to improve your happiness. This course will help you lead a happier life, both inside and outside of the classroom.


OS 5708: (HYBRID) Be the Teacher You Want to Be!

Want to be a more satisfied, impactful, and happier teacher!? We’ve designed this course just for you! It’s easy to get pulled away from our teacher “True North” and to forget why we became teachers. Be the Teacher You Want To Be will give you the opportunity to check your teacher compass so you can proudly return to teaching like yourself! You will learn the art of authentic teaching, define your core values & beliefs, understand how to strengthen relationships with students, colleagues and families, and how crucial self-care is for both your professional and personal well-being.


OL 5742 (HYBRID) Time Management Strategies for Educators

“There’s never enough time in the day…” “Will I ever be able to leave school at the end of my contracted hours?” We know…from planning meaningful lessons to connecting with parents, not to mention paperwork and grading, there’s too much to do and not enough time for everything. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help! In this course, you’ll find strategies to ensure you accomplish it all, while making time for what matters most. You’ll learn how to prioritize tasks, use your time more efficiently, stop procrastinating, and teach your students how to manage their time, too! You’ll select from a variety of curated ideas from time management experts to develop practices that complement your personality, work style, and life!


OS 5749 (HYBRID) Raise the Bar: Positive Interventions for Students Who Challenge Us

Challenging behavior can certainly get in the way of academic progress, but there is hope! This course gives plenty of techniques and strategies for K-8 teachers to proactively assist students in achieving target behaviors through positive behavior intervention. By deconstructing the functions of the problem behaviors, educational professionals can address the root of a child’s issue instead of simply addressing the behavior. This course gives a solid road map for the philosophy behind positive behavior intervention systems (PBIS) while offering several different ways to get you (and your students) to your destination: appropriate behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment.


Hybrid/Blended Learning courses provide a flexible, engaging, and personalized learning experience that can ensure you achieve your professional development goals. Registration opens soon, get notified when courses go live.

Learners Edge is passionately committed to providing you with continuing education coursework, materials, and tools that will help you succeed in your classroom and in your career.

Offering more than 120 online courses for teachers, you can earn the graduate credit you need for salary advancement and meet your professional development needs. Contact us today to get started!


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