August 18, 2020

7 New Courses to Increase Your Teacher Impact

Need to turn your face-to-face classroom into an online learning environment? Have to create a plan to assess your learners through distance learning? Want to learn more about digital equity? Or are you just ready to learn something new? 

Learners Edge has you covered with 7 new courses to meet your needs. These courses will add new tools to your toolbox and provide numerous strategies to engage your students. Great professional learning for you turns into powerful learning for your students! 

Take a look at our new courses: 

  1. Course 5098: Enhancing Formative Assessment Practices with Technology 
    Expand your formative assessment techniques with accessible digital tools. Use ingenious technology to make learning progress clear. With easy tech substitutions, you can collect data more efficiently, empower students to reflect on their own progress, and improve peer feedback pathways. Plot a course for learning with everyday embedded assessments and a renewed focus on continuous progress. We know you will love this course! 
  2. Course 5117: Reimagining Assessment for the Whole Child 
    Align your teaching and assessment practices through the development of a learning continuum, pre-assessments, formative assessments and learning stories. Reflect on the impact of current assessment practices, and determine necessary changes while considering and honoring the whole child. The text and course are filled with assessment strategies to engage students and families in the learning process while providing teachers with the information needed to plan their instruction. We believe this course can change how teachers, students, and families view assessment. 
  3. Course 5123: Teaching Online with Equity in Mind** 
    Develop a solid foundation for making the shift from face-to-face instruction to online teaching. Learn about best practices for developing high-quality tech-based lessons, facilitating online discussions, and incorporating a host of digital tools to support learning goals. To reach and teach all learners, participants will investigate challenges and solutions surrounding digital equity that affect English Learners, students receiving special education, and students without internet at home. With distance learning taking place across the country, the time to enroll in this course is now. 
  4. Course 5124: Goodbye Teacher Burnout, Welcome Teacher Wellness** 
    Learn how to give burnout the boot! Explore teacher burnout and the differences between burnout and demoralization. learn why teachers are leaving the profession and are more exhausted than ever. Find out how to mitigate burnout and discover strategies for self-care, healthy living, and wellness. Learners Edge wants you to take care of YOU because you deserve it and students need you. 
  5. Course 5125: Supporting Struggling Students through High Impact Practices ** 
    We’ve developed this course to provide an overarching view of research-based high-leverage practices (HLPs) for use with students that may struggle. Focused on collaboration, assessment, social-emotional-behavioral strategies, and instruction, this course will prove helpful and applicable for both special education and general education teachers whose mission is to support struggling learners. We want to support you supporting them! 
  6. Course 5126: Five Keys to Reading Instruction ** 
    This course will look to research from literacy experts to strengthen your teaching practice and increase students’ mastery of the essential areas of reading — Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. You’ll explore tried and true teaching strategies that can support all tiers of the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework, including the unique needs of your English Learners. Build a strong foundation in teaching reading and reading development! Time to get your reading instruction on.
  7. Course 5127: Priceless, Proactive Classroom Management Practices **
    Classroom management can be a challenge for educators, and there are as many schools of thought as there are behaviors! This course will introduce you to some of the main frameworks and philosophies of classroom management, and you’ll learn how they work with one another to increase success for students. You’ll explore fundamental strategies to proactively set the stage for learning and learn new-to-you strategies to help your students thrive in your classroom. Positive behavior is a learned skill, and you will leave this course with tools and frameworks to support student learning in your classroom the very next day. Less behavior = More learning! 

** This course includes two modules culminating in multiple choice progress checks and one module with a larger application project and reflection requirement. 

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