December 19, 2020

6 New Courses for Summer!

2020 is almost over. Seriously. Feel free to read that again so you know it’s real. We all seem to be plodding our way to the finish line that is December 31st while trying to remain relatively intact. 

We understand, and we are going to help you.  

Your favorite professional development company (Learners Edge!) has the balm for your tired and hardworking educator brain. We’re going to send 2020 packing with new courses tailored to practices that make you invincible in the classroom. The best part? Each course we’ve written (like so many of our courses) is a response to requests from teachers like you! Two types of courses are here: Online Courses and Blended Learning. Here’s what that is all about: 

Online Courses: These standard self-paced courses from Learners Edge that you’ve come to rely on and love: three Modules, specific evaluator feedback the whole way, and a combination of media and written work allowing you to learn, develop, and implement best practices throughout the educational field. 

Blended Learning: These courses have been so well loved that we’ve expanded our offerings! We understand the power of connection, which is why we bring educators together in our Blended Learning course format all year long! Our Blended Learning courses combine the perfect combination of face-to-face (Zoom) learning and online course modules. 

Are you excited yet? Let’s dig into the brand-new courses! 

1. 5118: The Keys to a Connected Google Classroom (K-12) 

Learning the ins and outs of Google Classroom is no small feat! In this course, you will learn the basics of creating your first class to more intermediate level techniques for building and managing a streamlined Google Classroom. With helpful video tutorials from Google certified trainers and educators, you will explore various ways to post assignments, collect and grade student work, and learn about time-saving strategies to provide feedback. With your new digital skill set, you’ll have what you need to keep your Google Classroom running smoothly and efficiently all year long! 

2. 5119: An Educator’s Guide to Global Thinking and Cultural Competence (K-12) 

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that the global community stands together and grows together, and it takes all of us to make that movement successful. Whether you are increasingly aware of the beautiful, growing diversity in our student populations, wanting to make better connections with students, or feeling the need to get real-world cultural contexts into content-area lessons, this course is absolutely for you. Get ready to do your part by advancing your thinking, expanding your knowledge, and ensuring you understand language, examples, and strategies to increase your teaching effectiveness.   

3. 5130: Planning for Engagement and Rigor in the Online Classroom (K-12) 

You have worked hard to create the best online classroom you could, and now, you are looking for strategic ways to make it even better. This course can get you there! You will discover an effective, efficient way to plan for online teaching. You’ll understand and internalize the importance of rigor in remote learning. You will learn, try and apply strategies for increasing engagement. Filled with resources, ideas and videos demonstrating examples of high-impact teaching, this course will give you what you need to improve your online classroom and student learning, even from a distance! 

4. 5133: Project-Based Learning for the Digital Age (Pre-K-12) 

Are you looking for ways to bring innovative, engaging, and authentic projects into your classroom? This course introduces you to the key elements of designing, implementing, and managing project-based learning experiences in the online and face-to-face classroom. Using best-practice frameworks, you will learn strategies to empower your students as they explore their passions, collaborate with others, and create projects that answer challenging real-world problems. Get ready to design your own project and see why so many educators think project- based learning is key to the future of innovative learning!

5. Blended Learning 5052:The Teacher Retreat (PreK-12+) 

Teachers, it is time for a retreat! No matter your grade level or area of expertise, all teachers will appreciate this virtual opportunity to reflect, refresh, renew, and remember why the teaching profession is unlike any other. The Teacher Retreat is facilitated by Learners Edge veteran instructor Lance Raabe who will bring his wit and wisdom to this Blended Learning “get-away.” Connect through great conversations with a shared sense of purpose and learn why The Teacher Retreat is a fan favorite. What a treat! 

6. Blended Learning 5114: The Power of Positivity (PreK-12+) 

Boost your bright side and become a positive force for good in this inspirational course! Discover how a positive outlook improves health and resilience as you create a Posi-Plan and explore strategies for spreading kindness and goodwill. Wipe out negativity while learning approaches for keeping your sunny side up. Oh what a feeling! 

Whether you take one of our Blended Learning or Online courses, we want you to know that your requests are always welcome. We want you to feel supported as we celebrate the new year!  We can’t wait to see you on our rosters. 2021: here we come!! 

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