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May 7, 2021

Starting Line Up – New Courses to Share!

We’ve been working on fantastic courses to support you and your students as you continue to learn, grow, and achieve. We’re happy to announce our release of 9 new courses! Fortunately, there are many choices of themes around the number 9: 9 squares in tic-tac-toe, a cat has 9 lives, and a group of 9 is called a nonad, which is new information to me.

It also happens there are 9 playing positions in the United States’  favorite pastime, baseball! So, in celebration of summer, we’re proud to present you with 9 outstanding courses matched with 9 fielding positions of our baseball team.

Here’s the starting lineup, and each course’s walk-up music!

Starting as your catcher, number 5139: Coaching Your Students to Action Using the Feedback Loop

Walk-Up Music: “Put Me in, Coach,” – John Fogarty

Discover how to provide assessment insights to your learners and collaborate with families for continuous learning. Think like a coach through analysis of classroom language, crafting of high-quality and personalized feedback, and experimenting with new assessment and feedback methods. 

At  1st Base, number 5131: SEL and Empathy-Based Bullying Prevention

Walk-Up Music: “Hold Out Your Hand,” – Brandi Carlile

Through the creation of activities focused on identity, empathy, and well-being, you’ll learn strategies to address bullying prevention policies for equity and inclusion. Another great collaboration between Learners Edge and IndieFlix!

Playing 2nd Base, 5121: Bringing Distance Learning to Life with Equity and Humanity

Walk-Up Music: “Lift Every Voice and Sing,”—James Weldon Johnson  

Human connection is an essential part of teaching and learning! In our ever-changing world, humanizing distance learning provides comfort and security for students and families. This one-of-a-kind course guides teachers to dismantle dependency and encourages independent thinking while shining a light on inequities, identity, and the digital divide. Bring your learning to life with social-emotional strategies that will humanize your distance learning practices! 

At 3rd Base, number 5203: Social Emotional Learning Starts with You

Walk-Up Music: “Sweet Emotion,” – Aerosmith

Examine five SEL skills for students, classrooms, and schools. Engage in reflection to build your own SEL skills. Discover more about your students, your colleagues, and yourself as you develop a place of genuine acceptance and hope for life and learning.

Starting at Shortstop, number 5134: Teaching with Immersive Technologies

Walk-Up Music: “Around the World, – Daft Punk

In this resource-filled course, you’ll learn about the unique characteristics of AR and VR, tinker with specific apps and websites like Google Earth, FlipgridAR, and CoSpaces Edu, and learn to design innovative learning experiences that extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

In Left Field, number 5135: Special Education Instruction from a Distance

Walk-Up Music: “Welcome to the Jungle,” – Guns N’  Roses

Discover a treasure trove of strategies, tools, and resources on which to build and/or improve online special education instruction. Review and consider new-to-you methods for lesson planning, instruction, collaboration, and technology to ensure student engagement.

In Center Field, number 5136: Beyond Growth Mindsets for Learning Without Limits

Walk-Up Music: “Underdog,” – Alicia Keys

Growth mindset instruction has been widely adopted as a learning approach by educators, and now, Stanford professor Dr. Jo Boaler levels up by highlighting research showing the brain to be truly limitless in both flexibility and strength.

Your Right fielder, number 5137: Headings, Highlights, and Other Active Strategies for Comprehending Digital Texts

Walk-up Music: “Life in the Fast Lane,” – The Eagles

Learn techniques for improving online reading comprehension by designing digital texts with best practices in mind. Uncover tricks and tools to invigorate student collaboration around digital content through group annotation and academic discourse.  

Tonight’s starting pitcher, number 5138: Innovation Strategies for Every Classroom

Walk-Up Music: “Revolution” – Tracy Chapman

Innovation is as much about incremental change as it is about disrupting the status quo. This course offers specific strategies and approaches to improve creativity, curiosity, and passion in teaching and learning. The educational ecosystem, the commitment to try new ideas, and the benefits of collaboration are all key ingredients in this fresh recipe for innovation.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our starting lineup! Please reach out to us if you have any questions about these or any of our other professional development and continuing education opportunities.

Play ball!

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