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April 6, 2021

Opening Classroom Doors With 1,000 Videos on Teaching Channel

Over the past four years, Teaching Channel has crisscrossed the United States to film in classrooms. We’ve made it a point to capture great teaching, emerging teaching, tough moments, triumphs, and illustrations of kids caught in the act of learning.

At our recent TeamsFest, an event where districts and professional learning organizations who license our Teaching Channel Teams platform come together to learn, collaborate, and share ideas, we overheard one anecdote that captures the essence of why we built our video library: “I have taught for 17 years. In that time, I have seen ten other teachers teach. Since having Teaching Channel in our district, I have seen 100 teachers teach during the first four months of the year. Unbelievable!” Every day, through video comments, Q&A posts, and emails we hear statements like this, and it drives our work.

We are so grateful to the teachers who opened their doors to us. These teachers have allowed educators across the country — all the way from Florida to Alaska — to peer right into their classrooms so that all of us can get better together. Our goal is to blow the doors off of classrooms across the country so that teachers can learn and collaborate about ways to vary their instructional strategies so that more and more kids succeed each year.

We’d like to thank our film crews, the foundations and organizations like the NEA, the AFT, Achieve, the Hewlett Foundation, and others who have helped us with funding to support our efforts to film. We’d also like to thank the educators who worked with us, as well as Student Achievement Partners and Achieve who helped audit our Math, English Language Arts, and Science libraries of videos to ensure their alignment with the Common Core State Standards. We look forward to filming our next 1000 videos and to meeting so many more of the great teachers who exist all across this country.

When you have a chance, grab some colleagues, some popcorn, and watch a few of the terrific video series we released this year:

How to Align Your Instruction: In these videos, you’ll find a set of tools and a process to analyze how standards, evidence, and tasks interact and inform instructional decisions.

Learn From Students’ Productive Struggles: Watch students deepen their understanding of math principles by working through problems with their peers.

Collaborating Across Disciplines: This pair of teachers exemplifies the benefits of successful teacher collaboration. Watch as they plan and deliver rich, cross-disciplinary lessons.

Use Formative Assessment to Address Misconceptions: In these four videos, you’ll see students engaging in a formative assessment lesson that addresses misconceptions and moves students forward in their learning.

The Three Dimensions of the NGSS: This suite of videos functions as a primer to the NGSS. Watch an overview of the vision for the NGSS, as well as in-depth descriptions of each of the standards’ three dimensions.

Sustaining Strong Classroom Culture Throughout the Year: Watch these videos and see how Sarah Brown Wessling builds a classroom culture that empowers students as learners.

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