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This site provides informative videos, tools, and information to get you started and support your work in Teaching Channel Plus. Should you ever need more information, you can reach out to your Engagement Manager or

Getting Started with Teaching Channel Plus

Below you can click and toggle between various "How To" pages.  Each page includes a simple "How To Video" and a downloadable "How To Document."  It can be helpful to bookmark this Help & How To Landing Page for future reference as well!

Teaching Channel can be used in countless ways.  Some insightful use cases for Tch Plus include: 

-Peer Coaching

-Induction Teacher Support

-Coaching Review

- 1:1 Support between Admin and Novice Teachers

-Learning Cycles

Watch the below video to learn how to properly implement Tch Plus within your district!

Click on the files below for follow up resources.

Learning Cycle and Video Use Ideas

Keys to Success

How To Use Knoster's Key

How To be a Tch Champion

To begin, you will be asked to complete a CSV file that includes all the users (i.e. students, educators, or faculty) that will access your Teaching Channel Plus site for the duration of your contract. It is important to complete the file as a CSV and put the user’s first name, last name, and email address into three separate columns (as illustrated below). The fourth column is to designate the user’s role, which you can indicate as you see fit.



  • District Admin – access to all teams, ability to create teams, and access to the district admin panel, which controls user accounts, tags and settings, and resource settings. This is typically 1-2 people who manage the site.
  • Team Creator- access to teams they are a member of and the ability to create teams. This is for instructors, teacher leaders/coaches/instructional leaders that are leading teams and facilitating learning experiences.
  • Participant Only- only has access to the teams that are a member of and the videos and topics page. This is for users who will engage in learning experiences/courses, but not build them.
  • Resource Admin- only has access to all resources posted within the site. This is for someone who would simply post resources for all users. (not as common)


Click here for the "How To Load Users" Document 

Click here to learn how to Delete Users.

To make the most use of the content within Teaching Channel, be sure to search and find the content most relevant for your team, educators, or students. The video below can help orient you to searching our content.


Click here for the "How To Search and Access Videos" Document

Watch this video to learn how to save videos to your "My Resources" page in Tch.


Click here to view the "How To Save Videos to My Resources" document.

After you have added your users to the site OR secured a product page for them to purchase a license, you can begin creating TEAMS (or courses) in your site for smaller groups of users to access. You’ll want to decide how many TEAMS you need, e.g. if you’re a school, you might have one team for the school and several for separate content area/grade-level groups. If you’re a district, you might create TEAM courses or shared spaces for cross-district collaboration, and if you’re a university you might build the course for the students you have that semester.


Click here to view the "How To Create Teams" Document

Click here to learn ways to USE teams.

Click here for MORE teams resources.

How to use teams for PLC's.

Our "Team Library" showcases 90+ professionally curated Teams for you as a district admin or team creator to use.  These teams can be "cloned" and "edited" to fit your professional needs.  Watch the below video and view the linked documents to learn more.


Click here for the "How to Clone Teams" Document

Click here for the "Course Library - List of Teams to Clone" Document


Once you have uploaded your users and built out your TEAMS, you will need to add members to each team.  Watch the below video to learn how.



Click here to view the document "How To Add Team Members."

Watch the below video to learn how to upload a video within a Team and score it for Video Observations purposes.


Click here for the document "How to Upload a Video & Score It for Observation."

Click here for the document "How to Enable Video Observations."

Click here to learn how to add multiple observers, download a report, and view your average scores!

Watch the below video to learn how to get your digital badge, or certificate of completion, upon completing any Tch Team/Course.


Click here to view the document "How To Get Your Digital Badge."

This feature is only accessible to Admin's of a district custom site.  This page enables admins to view the overall activity happening within their district/university.  

Video Coming Soon

Click here to learn how to access the admin dashboard page.

Below explains how to get Team Analytics such as Team Activity and Individual Member Activity.

Watch the video here.

Click here to learn more on Team Analytics.


If you are not receiving emails from Teaching Channel, you can pass along this information to your IT Team so they can permission in our emails:

To ensure deliverability of email from Teaching Channel, please have your email administrator add Teaching Channel's email sending IP addresses to your district/organization/university's email whitelist:

This could be a few things.
  • If you purchased a license yourself as a university student, make sure you used the product link page that you were provided, otherwise you may not land in the right space. In this case, reach out to and provide the email you used for purchase and the last four digits of the card you used for purchase.
  • You might need to use the dropdown bar to select your university or district:

Dropdown menu


  • Videos - This is our video library page.
  • Topics - This is our blog page.
  • Help - This is our help and how to page.
  • Team - This is our course page (create and clone courses).
  • Homepage - Main page you will always land on when you log in.  It shows recent videos/teams visited.  See what appears on the left sidebar of your homepage below...
    • My Resources - Page where any videos you save will be housed.
    • My Notes - Any time-stamped notes you create will be housed here.
    • Announcements - Any district wide messages will be posted here.
    • My Messages - Any private emails/messages will be housed here.  You can also message colleagues here.
    • My Courses - Access to bundle courses and/or badges.
    • My Account - Place where you can update your profile settings (ex. name, email preferences, email domain, profile picture, etc.).
    • My Teams - Page that showcases any teams you've been added to and/or teams you are a facilitator for.


**The following verbiage is used only for District Admin or Team Creators.

    • District Admin - Place where a site admin can add/delete users.  This also houses the Admin Dashboard which gives admins data reports on Teams.
    • Facilitator Dashboard - Place where facilitators can get a once shot glimpse into their team activities.
  • If your district has purchased a Video Only custom site, we currently are working on developing video usage data reports.
  • If your district has purchased Tch Plus, you can access aggregated data such as team activity, module completion, user participation, annotated notes, and observation reports.
  • If your district has purchased a SSO set up with EZ Prozxy or IP Auth, we can get you annual usage reports for total videos played and total time watched.


How-To Video Library

Below showcases additional videos that can be helpful to view for your initial set up within the Tch platform.

Thanks for your partnership!

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