Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching with ADVANCE feedback


The Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching will provide you with guidance you need for effective teacher observation and coaching during remote teaching.

The new Framework for Remote Teaching from the Danielson Group is now available in our award-winning product, ADVANCE feedback

Our video coaching platform makes new teacher induction, instructional coaching, remote teacher observation, and more possible while providing asynchronous and synchronous feedback for teachers, coaches, and school and district leaders.

Here's how your educators will benefit from using the Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching:

With many districts and schools practicing remote teaching or operating in hybrid models, there’s never been a better time to use video coaching. The new framework from the Danielson Group focuses on:
  • A common language to support conversation, prioritization, and goal setting.
  • Teachers: reflection, self-assessment, and collaboration.
  • Coaches Administrators: teacher observation, feedback, and support.

Interested in using the Danielson Framework for Teaching within your school or district?

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In addition, our founder, Dr. Michael Moody, partnered with Jim Furman, executive director of The Danielson Group, in putting on a live webinar that focused on using the new Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching within ADVANCE feedback. This has provide some much needed guidance for educators across the country.

The webinar discussion touched on

  • The evolution of coaching and evaluation in virtual instruction or a hybrid model.
  • Various ways to use the new Framework for Remote Teaching.
  • A demonstration on how to successfully use the Framework for Remote Teaching in our video platform, ADVANCE feedback.

Enjoy the entire webinar below.

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