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Equity, Language & Literacy

15-Hour Book Study: Ensuring Equity Through Language and Literacy

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Study The Language Lens for Content Classrooms* and complete associated videos, discussions, articles, and more.

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Work individually or with your colleagues to begin to develop your school or district's equity-based support strategy.

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Explore ten asynchronous modules that provide a clear set of practices to support multilingual students

The Language Lens for Content Classrooms bookConfianza and Teaching Channel have partnered to bring you Ensuring Equity through Language and Literacy, a 15-hour book study course designed for individuals or a team of colleagues to identify and understand best practices for enacting equity-based practices in all classrooms. Course designer Sarah Ottow has over twenty years of experience in teaching, training, and coaching for multilingual learner success. She is also the author of The Language Lens for Content Classrooms*, the key text in this course. Your team will complete 10 modules that will teach you concrete practices to help champion multilingual students and ALL students in any teaching environment.

Complete this course to: 

  • Learn strategies to be more effective, inclusive, and responsive in your teaching and leadership practice
  • Discover tools for supporting language and literacy practices in any classroom and grade level
  • Watch videos, participate in discussions, read articles and begin to develop your own classroom-based, team-based or school/district-based set of equity-based supports and scaffolds
  • Earn a certificate for 15 PD hours upon completion

Confianza's 15-hour course features specific and practical ideas that participants can adapt and immediately apply to their own schools to ensure they lead with equity as the goal. 

*Purchase the book directly from the publisher at this site and use the code TCHLLC10 for 10% off. Contact the publisher directly for bulk ordering.

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7 More Ways to Help You Reach Your Learning Goals

We've partnered with Confianza to offer you a series of courses designed to support teachers of English language learners. Confianza's 5-star rated courses are an affordable way to earn your continuing ed credits and invest in your own professional learning. Each course is self-directed, goal-driven, and facilitated by an ELL teacher leader.

Questions about Confianza's courses or additional professional development services? Please reach out to Confianza Director Sarah Ottow at

Get access to: 


In-depth content and knowledge in key areas of equity, language, and literacy


A wide-range of articles, videos, and fieldwork tools for immediate application


Guidance on implementing Confianza content to supplement your professional learning communities



BEST VALUE - SAVE $137! We've bundled together Confianza Courses 1, 2, and 3 for just $500. The bundle includes 48 PD Hours to help you build a strong foundation for teaching and connecting with your English language learners.
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Home school Connections-01

All educators can tap into English learners' rich and diverse assets to improve student and family engagement and classroom performance. In this course, Confianza shares evidence-based strategies for uncovering students' and families' "funds of knowledge" for culturally and linguistically responsive schooling. 
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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In order to plan and deliver effective, meaningful instruction for ELs, educators need to understand deep features of academic language and provide targeted scaffolds for a language-rich classroom.  In this course, Confianza promotes evidence-based strategies for intentionally planning instruction with a language lens.
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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Analyzing Data-01


Educators must have a deep understanding of multiple data sources and how to use this data to improve language and content instruction and assessment. In this course, Confianza shares practices and strategies to help educators analyze ELL data and design valid and reliable assessments that minimize cultural and linguistic bias.
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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Leadership Collaboration-01-1


Strong partnerships between EL specialists and content area educators are essential for high quality instruction and collaborative school cultures. In this course, Confianza shares strategies to deepen professional learning communities and support EL specialists in modeling effective collaboration built on mutual respect.
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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Evaluation Leadership-01-1


Leaders need to understand the competencies and skills that content and language teachers must have to effectively support English Learners. In this course, Confianza teaches evidence-based strategies for strengthening school culture, programming, and professional learning to benefit linguistically diverse students and families.
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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Social Justice-01


Go deep on the why and how of elevating an equity-based mindset and anti-bias practices into your setting along with practical tools for implementation. In this course, participants explore tools and practices for infusing leadership, teaching, and school culture with critical social justice components. This course was designed by and is facilitated by Teaching Tolerance Certified Trainers and includes resources from Teaching Tolerance and Re-imagining Migration.
Each 15-hour online course is $250 USD.
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Watch Our On-Demand Webinar Series

Schools are becoming more and more diverse as equity gaps for historically underserved groups grow wider. Discover how school leaders, district leaders, instructional coaches and teacher leaders can effectively refine their equity-based mindset and corresponding set of practices when supporting educators in their local communities. Confianza Founder Sarah Ottow shares practical ways to support instructional leaders to develop their vision for equity and how to support teachers to enact equity-based practices in their multilingual classrooms.

Each 45-minute webinar models and explain ways to lead with equity as the goal so that viewers can leave with specific and practical ideas to bring into their practice. 


Feb. 4th, 2021

Equity-Based Approach for Leaders

Learn how to create your own vision for equity with your team and community by involving all stakeholders and creating action steps for success.

Feb. 11th, 2021

Equity-Based Teaming & Collaboration Strategies

We'll explore the work of building effective teams that focus on students’ and families’ assets and needs plus embedded professional development strategies to keep inquiry and improvement going.

Feb. 18th, 2021

Leading & Evaluation for Equity

Get strategies to articulate your “look for’s” for high leverage coaching and evaluation cycles that make your equity vision come alive.

Watch All Webinars

Meet Our Webinar Speakers


Sarah Ottow

Director and Founder of Confianza

Sarah Ottow focuses on reinforcing relationship skills and value-identification of the ever-growing multilingual learner population while improving student outcomes and profitability within organizations. With Sarah’s extensive and diverse background supporting educators coupled with her education in curriculum and social justice, she creates programs and tools tailored to the needs of each organization.


Wendy Amato

Moderator & Chief Academic Officer

Wendy is an active teacher education specialist and uses her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction to develop and facilitate professional development and continuing education.