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July 23, 2019


EAGAN, Minnesota - July 23, 2019 - Two progressive and inclusion-focused companies, Confianza and Teaching Channel, have formed a new strategic partnership to offer pedagogically-sound professional learning tools to educators of language learners across the United States and internationally.

As a richly diverse and rapidly growing subgroup of students, English Language Learners (ELLs) face under-resourced schools and under-trained educators. Confianza addresses this challenge through innovative, evidence-based tools that educators use in real-time to meet the needs of their students, their professional learning communities and their unique programs. Through on-site implementation support and online sequences for schools, districts and organizations, Confianza has supported thousands of educators across 20 states and 6 countries since its founding in 2015. Confianza’s team of consultants are like-minded, highly skilled capacity builders with the shared mission of increasing outcomes for ELLs and
creating professional learning partnerships to improve cultural understanding, communication and collaboration. 

“Confianza has been able to build the capacity of each of our instructional coaches in every instructional discipline to coach through the lens of accessibility with an equity grounding that is important for all learners and essential for English learners,” explains Rebecca Westlake, ELL Director in Salem Public Schools, MA. Now, Confianza brings this mission to a broader audience via Teaching Channel’s far-reaching technology platform.

Teaching Channel's long-standing relationship with Confianza has already delivered great value through the creation of a ‘Deep Dive’ on the topic of English Language Learners which provides an abundance of created and curated resources that are applicable for today's classrooms. In addition, the organizations have partnered to deliver a series of videos filmed in Confianza partner schools showcasing best-inclass teaching available to educators around the globe. All of these resources are available at," says Guy Harrington, President of Teaching Channel.

By synergizing Confianza’s content with Teaching Channel Plus, a customizable technology platform, educators will be able to accelerate their instructional, collaboration and leadership skills through access to uploaded videos and online instructional coaching from cohort colleagues and Confianza consultants. In addition, Confianza’s distinctive framework for “Equity, Language and Literacy” supports educators across a continuum of development. Confianza’s tools for teachers, coaches and instructional leadership are aligned within the platform to
support immediate and responsive professional goal-setting and feedback cycles. Sarah B. Ottow, Founder and CEO of Confianza explains, “Confianza is committed to building strong relationships among all stakeholders--students, families and educators--that are proactive and focused on equitable outcomes.” Ottow continues, “By forging this partnership with Teaching Channel we can offer innovative, high leverage professional learning solutions to assist all educators in becoming more proactive and more culturally and linguistically responsive for
today’s schools.”

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About Confianza
Confianza, founded in 2015, breaks down “silos” that diverse students and families experience by promoting school-level and institution-wide systems of support. Confianza is a cultural concept meaning mutual respect and trust whose online learning and on-site implementation support model has supported thousands of educators across hundreds of schools in the US and internationally. Confianza team is proud to have helped build several Newcomer programs and robust curriculum models that support both English Language Learners (ELLs) and Academic Language Learners (ALLs). Confianza also consults with organizations and regularly contributes to publications, conferences, and keynote events to highlight diversity,
inclusion and equity. Learn more at

About Teaching Channel, Inc.
Teaching Channel, one of the leading brands in education, has over one million registered users and is known nationally for its more than 1,300 best-in-class videos of teachers in action. Teaching Channel Plus, an online K-12 professional development platform, is used by school districts nationwide. Teaching Channel's mission is to support teacher professional development to drive better student outcomes. Learn more about us at