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BEST VALUE! Get unlimited access to Teaching Channel's library of over 1,400+ videos to observe top educators in their classrooms. Subscribers can also take any of Teaching Channel's 20+ expert-designed PD Express courses.

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Graduate-Level Continuing Education Courses

100+ self-paced, online, graduate-level continuing education courses to inspire your teaching and accelerate your career. Learners Edge courses focus on today’s hot topics in education and are approved by regionally accredited universities and colleges from across the country.

Learners Edge Graduate-Level Continuing Education Courses

Choose from 100+ self-paced, online graduate-level continuing education courses that are in partnership with regionally accredited universities and colleges. 

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FEATURED COURSE: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Learners Edge is offering two, 10-hour professional development courses for $1 each. They'll donate 100% of the funds raised to Headwaters Foundation for Justice, a Minnesota non-profit amplifying the power of community to advance equity and justice.

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Content Bundles

Our bundles feature carefully developed, easy to follow learning plans with separate modules that you can complete on your own time. The 21+ hours of included content contain diverse learning materials, a tailored video library, and articles to help you take control of your professional learning. 

Confianza Success for Multilingual Learners Introduction

Refine your equity-based mindset and learn to use the Confianza inquiry model, the Action Cycle, and how to address the needs of multilingual learners. This bundle includes Confianza's six essential 3-hour Learning Plans.

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School Safety & Climate

Learn how to establish, secure, and enrich your school's climate. This bundle provides you with foundational information as well as many resources that provide a deeper look into the emotional needs of both students and colleagues.

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New Teachers

This bundle provides new(er) teachers with key practices and concepts for their first years of teaching. This pack can also help coaches and mentors support new teachers effectively as they acclimate to the profession, the school, students, and the community at large.

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is an evidence-based framework designed to integrate data, systems and best practices to improve student outcomes daily. It's a way to support everyone in your classroom and create an environment where all students - especially those with disabilities - can be successful. 

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The Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

The Danielson Framework has helped teachers grow for over 20 years. It seeks to identify K-12 teachers' responsibilities based on empirical studies and sort them into an easy to understand teaching rubric. It has been designed to encourage effective teaching at every grade level to help every student's growth.

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Evidence-Based Conversations for Continuous Improvement

This bundle contains research-based content that supports the importance of using objective evidence as a vehicle for analysis, dialogue and coaching around an educator’s practice. 

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Confianza ELL Courses

We've partnered with Confianza to offer you a series of courses designed to support teachers of English language learners. Confianza's 5-star rated courses are an affordable way to earn your continuing ed credits and invest in your own professional learning. Each course is self-directed, goal-driven, and facilitated by an ELL teacher leader.

Courses 1-3 Bundle

BEST VALUE - SAVE $250! We've bundled together Confianza courses 1, 2, and 3 so that you can get a strong foundation in teaching English learners. 

COURSE 1: Strong Home-School Connections for ELLs

COURSE 2: Differentiation & Academic Language Instruction

COURSE 3: Analyzing ELL Data & Assessments

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Course 1: Strong Home- School Connections for ELLs

In this course, Confianza shares evidence-based strategies for uncovering students' and families' "funds of knowledge" for culturally and linguistically responsive schooling. 
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Course 2: Differentiation & Academic Language Instruction

Learn evidence-based strategies for intentionally planning instruction with a language lens.
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Course 3: Analyzing ELL Data & Assessments

Study practices and strategies to analyze ELL data and design valid and reliable assessments that minimize cultural and linguistic bias.
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Course 4: ELL Teacher Leadership & Collaboration Strategies

In this course, Confianza shares strategies to deepen professional learning communities and support EL specialists in modeling effective collaboration built on mutual respect.
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Course 5: Evaluation & Leadership for ELL Equity

Learn strategies for strengthening school culture, programming, and professional learning to benefit linguistically diverse students and families.
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Course 6: Teaching & Learning for ELL Success

In this self-directed course, you will learn the strategies and best practices planning, teaching, and assessing for ELs with a Language Lens, through in-depth videos and resources.
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Course 7: Social Justice Education for EL Teachers & Leaders

In this course, participants explore tools and practices for infusing leadership, teaching, and school culture with critical social justice components. This course was designed by and is facilitated by Teaching Tolerance Certified Trainers and includes resources from Teaching Tolerance and Re-imagining Migration.

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