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On October 20th, as part of the National Day on Writing, educators and students across the...

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Literacy in the Digital Age: 5 Effective Writing Tools

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Harness the Power of Writing in Math

I've always been an English-Language Arts kinda guy. Math was never my forte. When I learned...

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Five Ways To Encourage Summer Reading and Writing

Editor's Note: This post was updated on May 30, 2017

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The Usual Suspect: Solving the #1 Problem in Argument Writing

I hope my previous blog convinced you that teaching argument writing should be your number one...

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Writing Fluency: A Key to Success on Next Generation Assessments

"If you can read everything your students write, you're not assigning enough writing" - Doug...

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Argument Writing: 4 Reasons Why It's Writing Priority Number One

You probably don't need me to tell you that argument writing is a hot topic in education -- it...

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Building Writing Fluency: A Simple Routine for Any Classroom

“If you can read everything your students write, you’re not assigning enough writing”- Doug...

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Tips to Bring Novel Writing to Elementary Students

When I taught first grade, I would tell my students at the beginning of the year, "This year...

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Low-Stakes Writing Exercises: 3 Tips to Get Started

When we give students writing assignments, the purpose is often to share ideas and demonstrate...

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