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December Resource Round-Up: Our Favorite Resources of 2022

As 2022 winds down, we're rounding up some of our favorite resources of the year. From literary...

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July Resource Round-Up: Celebrating Great Teachers

Every summer, we promise to take a moment for ourselves, after clearing out classrooms and saying...

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Mindfulness to Calm, Focus, and Learn

Mindfulness is a health and well-being practice utilized by families from around the world.  Maybe...

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Five Ways to Thrive Through Adversity With Hope

A recent survey by the National Education Association (NEA) reveals that 55% of educators...

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4 Ways to Manage Anxiety During the School Day

Originally Posted on LearnersEdge.com by Betsy Butler on Jan. 12, 2021, and Revised on Jan. 5,...

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Teaching Channel Talks 50: Connecting with Clarity and Confidence

By empowering our authenticity, we can become better mentors for others. Set your intentions and...

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3 Steps Teachers Can Take to Prioritize Their Mental Health

It doesn’t matter if you’re a second-year teacher or a 20-year teacher. This back-to-school...

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How to Advocate for Your Students’ Mental Health

As a teacher, you already know you have to wear many hats every day. You’re more than just an...

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5 Risks Every New Teacher Should Take

Are you a newer teacher looking for tips to help you thrive in the classroom? An administrator...

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5 Summer Self-Care Tips for Teachers

Join Susan Lubar and Teaching Channel at a free webinar series this summer to explore how...

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Teaching Channel Talks 39: The Myths of Mindfulness

After the chaos of this school year, many educators are feeling worn down, exhausted, or even...

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What Thrifting Taught Me About Money

I used to be terrible with money. I struggled with the credit card debt I began accruing in...

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Strategies for Prioritizing Self-Care This Year

It was 1 am on a school night, and I was still grading student essays. I’d skipped doing any...

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3 Secrets from a Stylist to Present Your Best Self Online

Teaching online comes with lots of opportunities and challenges, most of which you’ve probably...

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3 Meaningful SEL Check-Ins for Students and Ourselves

As we move through back-to-school mode, it’s mission critical that we remember to check in with our...

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Focusing on Students' Health

The overall wellbeing of a child can make or break their academic success. While there are many...

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Making the Most of It: Teacher-Parent Life at Home

When our governor mandated school closures a couple of weeks ago, every fiber of my teacher being...

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Six Ways to Support Your Students During Isolation

A month ago, you might have been thinking about prepping your classroom for testing season. Now,...

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Portable Practices for Promoting Self Care

There is an old story by Loren Eiseley about a person walking along a beach picking up starfish...

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How Cutting My Home Internet Access Saved My Teaching Career

When I started teaching 17 years ago, I began collecting tote bags. Fabric bags, plastic bags —...

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