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The Power of Planning: 5 Ways to Learn Through Writing Lesson Plans

Free PDF: 15 Great Q&A's on the Common Core

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Special EDition: Co-Planning for Success

 Phillips Academy teachers Ms. Salvador, Mr. Mancini, and Mr. Capozzi co-plan an ELA lesson

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Resolution: No More Drill-and-Kill Test Prep!

I know it seems too early to blog about test prep.  But in many low-performing urban schools,...

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Reflection Fest: Funniest Moment

Reflection Fest Day 2: Funniest Classroom Moment

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Reflection Fest: Most Inspiring Moment of 2013

Teachers get to celebrate two new years: one at the beginning of the academic year, and one in...

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Winter Break: Learning Resources That Won't Feel Like Work

Just a few days ago, the doorbell rang. There stood my dad with his mixed look of insistence and...

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Building Writing Fluency: A Simple Routine for Any Classroom

“If you can read everything your students write, you’re not assigning enough writing”- Doug Fisher.

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First Steps Towards Emotional Literacy

At the beginning of the year, my kindergarteners reminded me of kittens just beginning to open...

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Thanking Teachers Who’ve Inspired Us

Before coming to work at Teaching Channel, I taught English for two years at a high school in...

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Get Your Students Talking...Academically!

"Since the dawn of language, conversations have been powerful teachers. They engage, motivate, and...

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Video Playlist: Early Childhood Education

Through a grant from the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Foundation, Teaching Channel and First 5 San...

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Teachers: Three Questions for Reflection

This is the time of year that I always start to feel a little harried, a little frayed at the...

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Low-Stakes Writing Exercises: 3 Tips to Get Started

When we give students writing assignments, the purpose is often to share ideas and demonstrate...

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Classroom DIY: The Dawn of Next Level Student Engagement Strategies

You’ve got routines and procedures humming (for the most part at least, you may have an occasional...

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Connected Educators: Putting Aside Politics for Practice

Are policies having a negative impact on students and their literacy rates, graduation rates, and...

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Video In Your Classroom: Tips for Filming and Editing

Whether you're recording your own practice for self-reflection, or putting together a student...

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Video in the Classroom: Equipment Checklist

Teaching has always been visual, but what was once communicated on fusty overhead slide projectors...

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Video Playlist: 5 Ways to Differentiate Instruction

If you're like me, one of the biggest challenges you face in the classroom is careful...

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Student Historians: Inquiry-Based Learning in a Social Studies Class

“One of the big challenges today is that students are inundated with the ability to access...

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Making Every Minute Count: 5 Summer Learning Opportunities

Just a month or two ago, you were knee-deep in the cycle of planning, lesson delivery, and...

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