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Talking the Talk: Engaging Your Students in Scientific Discourse

The Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards...

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Real-World Learning: Applying Science in Global Service

A student holds an evenly dried mango slice over his head like a trophy. His feet are caked with...

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What’s Your Evidence?: Teaching Students Scientific Explanations

Every day we are bombarded with claims about how to lose weight, stop smoking, become a better...

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Four Ways to Think Like a Scientist with Science Notebooks

I'm obsessed with keeping notebooks. I have drawers full of them for collecting thoughts and ideas...

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CA+I Blog: How Do You “Do” Science?

We know that students learn best when they are actively involved in constructing their own...

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Next Generation Science Standards: What’s a Teacher to Do?

How will my district handle the implementation of science standards? How will they be integrated...

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An Insider Look at the Next Generation Science Classroom

Now that the Next Generation Science Standards have been unveiled, I'm sure many of you in our Tch ...

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