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Designing Earth-Friendly Solutions To The Plastics Problem

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Squad Report: Resources From NSTA

What a week! The Tch Next Gen Science Squadsters learned so much from all the different sessions...

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Using Summary Charts to Press for Evidence and Science Instruction

To the average student, science class feels like a series of disjointed learning activities....

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What Can The EQuIP Rubric Do For You?

Teachers across the nation are earnestly working to implement the Next Generation Science...

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A Roundup Of Teaching Channel Science Resources

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One Giant Leap Into 21st Century Science Standards

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Building Towards NGSS Classrooms

Systems tend to move toward a stable state, and so do people. Change is usually hard, and if it...

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Rube Goldberg Machines and the Engineering Design Process

Rube Goldberg - a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a...

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New Science and Innovation Curriculum Series Launches

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Kindergarteners Are Born Engineers

Imagine yourself as an 8th grade teacher walking into a classroom of five and six year olds with...

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Prepare for NGSS: Immerse Yourself in Authentic Science Research

A frequent question I often hear is how are we going to implement the Next Generation Science...

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Explanatory Models: Support Science Learning, NGSS, and MBI

When you hear the word “model” you might immediately think of the small-scale 3-dimensional...

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Claims, Evidence, Reasoning: Integrating Art & Science

Antoinette Pippin teaches fifth grade at the Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science Center School 

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The Next Generation Science Standards: Standards with a Purpose

Few things are more inspiring than watching a student ask "why?" -- except, perhaps, seeing that...

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Spring [Your Science Instruction] Forward: 5 Steps to Implementing MBI

Model-Based Inquiry (MBI) is an engaging, NGSS-aligned, research-based approach to science...

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New Science Laureate: How I Found My Passion for Science Education

Note from Sarah Brown Wessling: Join me in extending a welcoming hand to a very special addition...

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Introduction the Next Generation Science Standards: 4 Things to Know

Happy 2015! It’s that time again--time to make your New Year’s resolutions. If you are a K-12...

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What Does Science Literacy Mean in the Age of NGSS?

Science teachers have a passion for science -- the intrigue, the connection to everyday life,...

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Talking the Talk: Engaging Your Students in Scientific Discourse

The Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards...

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Real-World Learning: Applying Science in Global Service

A student holds an evenly dried mango slice over his head like a trophy. His feet are caked with...

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