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Choosing an NGSS Course Pathway: Are You Robert Frost or Yogi Berra?

How might we use the 3-D learning vision to inform the NGSS course pathways we seek?

Back in ...

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3 Great Reads for Science Teachers

It’s that time of year again...the time where we reflect on the past and set goals for the year...

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Practices in Action: Ecobottles as a Model Ecosystem

Anyone who has spent time learning about the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is familiar...

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Hello Darkness: Light Bulb Moments for the Longest Nights of the Year

There are many teachers who serve as sources of inspiration in our lives, but the one that we hope...

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KLEWS: Supporting Claims, Evidence & Reasoning

What are the KLEWS to real learning in the classroom?

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Let’s Talk Turkey! Transfer of Energy and Thanksgiving

I recently spent some time working with third graders on motion stations.

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Happy Hallow--STEAM!

Halloween can be a scary time of year for educators-- candy, costumes, calamity -- oh my!

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Tch DIY: Build & Tch with Tom Jenkins

As Science Laureate at Teaching Channel, one of my roles is to highlight exemplar modules of...

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NGSS: From Theory to Practice

In my role as a facilitator of professional learning for science teachers, I’m often asked “What do...

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The Great American Solar Eclipse: Across the Curriculum

Total Eclipse of the… Start?

Bonnie Tyler's infamous tune has been resonating for months and the...

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Three Ways to Use Virtual Science Notebooks in the Early Grades

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Fidgeting for Physics: Spinner Science in Six Steps

This time of year most of us are a little fidgety.

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Facing My Fears: Teaching STEM to Kindergartners

Do you ever wonder how you get yourself into some things?

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Integrating Scientific Argumentation and Modeling for K-2 Learners

The practices of scientific argumentation and modeling involve using evidence and reasoning to...

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Seven Reasons I March for Science

Science is an amazing thing.

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Engaging the Community with Family Engineering Nights

“Now I understand what engineering in elementary school looks like!”

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My NGSS Mess

Editor's Note: Isaac's two-week unit plan pictured in this post is linked in the text below (PDF)...

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From Traditional Conclusions to Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning

Constructing Explanations and Engaging in Argument from Evidence are two Next Generation Science...

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Growth Mindset in STEM: EDP and the Writing Process

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What I Know Now: Anchoring Phenomena in NGSS

Phenomena can be the special ingredient that brings both intrigue and relevance to an otherwise...

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