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Confessions of a Halloween Grinch

There are many things I miss about being a classroom teacher — reading my favorite picture books,...

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Three Big Ideas to Reach and Guide Students

"He's a white man trapped in a black man's body."

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Making Every Minute Count: 5 Summer Learning Opportunities

Just a month or two ago, you were knee-deep in the cycle of planning, lesson delivery, and...

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Reflecting and Recharging This Summer

By now, you've probably worked through the piles of papers and exams that needed grading. You've...

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The Power of Reflecting and Celebrating our Work

As the school year comes to a close, teachers create many unique ways to celebrate their students’...

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2012-13 School Year: What Was Your Shining Moment?

As June arrives, my Facebook feed has been full of end-of-year reflections from my teacher friends.

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Celebrating My First Teacher: My Mom

Just last weekend, the four of us made our way up the stairs following the familiar industrial...

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Celebrating Our Community with a Song!

Whenever I want to give special thanks to someone I find it so difficult to find that perfect card...

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Responding to Concerns: Does the Common Core Demoralize Teachers?

"If we want uncommon learning for our children in a time of common standards, we must be willing to...

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What I'm Hearing from Teachers of the Year

I just escaped a nasty Iowa snowstorm for the warm rays of Scottsdale, Arizona where I am meeting...

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When A Lesson Goes All Wrong

I'm afraid of mediocrity. That too-comfortable place where repetition and apprehension meet. In an...

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Be Sure To: Setting & Achieving Goals in 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing holiday break. With the New Year...

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14 Ways to Cultivate Classroom Chemistry

It's only September and I'm already thinking June. Not because I'm counting down days or because I...

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Doors Wide Open: Reflections on the First Day

In 15 years, I haven't been able to escape the dreams that start appearing on the fringes of my...

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Back to School To-Do List

The first few weeks of school can set the tone for the entire year. Though this might sound...

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Don't Work - Dream!

Hopefully you are all enjoying a restful and rejuvenating summer! As a teacher, I have always...

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In Celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week

Editor's Note: We started off Teacher Appreciation Week with a message from a teacher, our own ...

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Dear Teacher: You. Make. A. Difference.

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, I have been thinking a lot about small moments, the ones...

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4 Stress Relievers That Give Me Energy in Class

There's no denying the intensity of the classroom. It's bursting with energy, it's full of...

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Seeking Motivation? Find Purpose!

I have been enamored with Daniel Pink since the first time I heard him referenced at a conference....

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