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Building Writing Fluency: A Simple Routine for Any Classroom

“If you can read everything your students write, you’re not assigning enough writing”- Doug Fisher.

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Student Playlist: What Makes an Engaging Lesson?

I often wonder why, as a student, it feels like some lessons go on forever, while others fly by....

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Get Your Students Talking...Academically!

"Since the dawn of language, conversations have been powerful teachers. They engage, motivate, and...

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3 Tech Tools That Help Teachers Stay Organized

My classroom was a pretty organized place. My students had cubbies and folder boxes where they kept...

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Low-Stakes Writing Exercises: 3 Tips to Get Started

When we give students writing assignments, the purpose is often to share ideas and demonstrate...

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Video Playlist: 5 Ways to Differentiate Instruction

If you're like me, one of the biggest challenges you face in the classroom is careful...

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Building Common Core Skills: Beyond Turn and Talk

Recently, I have been spending quality time with the Common Core Standards. My current obsessions...

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3 Strategies for Bringing Argument and Critique into Common Core Math

Math is supposed to be cut and dried, right? Do the work, find the one correct answer, and… you're...

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Never Easy, But Essential: Tough Conversations in the Classroom

Sometimes they happen unexpectedly and other times we have to gear up for them. Regardless of how...

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Responding to Concerns: Does the Common Core Demoralize Teachers?

"If we want uncommon learning for our children in a time of common standards, we must be willing to...

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5 Questions to Ask about Core Resources

If you're anything like me, you've probably been noticing that almost every catalog that is sent to...

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When A Lesson Goes All Wrong

I'm afraid of mediocrity. That too-comfortable place where repetition and apprehension meet. In an...

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Implementing the Core: Where to Begin?

Where do I start? It can feel like being on a hilltop, overlooking this vast landscape before you...

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Creating an Online Substitute

We all know that it takes twice the amount of work to be gone from a day of school. There's...

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