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Shadow Con: Extending Conference Learning

As attendees and presenters, we go to conferences to learn, share and improve our practice. But...

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Differentiate Direct Instruction: Accessible Content For All Students

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Sustaining Strong Classroom Culture Throughout the Year

For too many years, I used to think my classes would either have good chemistry, or they...

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Help All Readers Access Complex Texts

You'll notice that text complexity is an important part of the Common Core State Standards...

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Exploring the Puzzles of Teaching

Teaching is a set of puzzles. An obvious one, for example, is the hook puzzle: How do you get...

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Formative Assessment Resources: Try Them Today, Tomorrow, or Soon

Recently, Teaching Channel brought you into classrooms where teachers and students are using...

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Boosting Your Practice: Anytime is a Good Time With These 12 Tips

Now that we're getting back into the groove of the classroom, it can be a good opportunity...

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Classroom Management: Is It Okay to Let It Go?

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A Coach’s Toolkit: Three Ways to Build Trust

A wise person once told me that if you lose a teacher's trust, it's nearly impossible to regain...

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Elements of Thinking: How Do Your Students Think?

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Critical Friends: Building a Culture of Collaboration

"… a critical friend is someone who is encouraging and supportive, but who also provides honest...

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Using Assessment to Elevate Learning, Not Rank Students

Imagine you are the coach of your daughter's soccer team. Assessment would be important to you....

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Updated - Winter Break: Learning Resources That Won't Feel Like Work

Sometimes we have to look outside to see inside. I recently shared a series of "teacher images"...

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Starting with Engagement: 3 Ideas to Grab Students' Attention

Activating learning. Isn’t that what a Do Now does?

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Tackling the Misconceptions of Text-Dependent Questions

I've worked with many school leaders over the past year who list text-dependent questions (TDQs)...

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Teaching Channel is Every Teacher's Couch

I find myself enduring the after-work traffic with the same internal conversation I have had for...

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5 Things Effective Teachers Do for Diverse Learners

Our students are more diverse than ever before - different experiences, needs, interests, and...

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College Readiness Power Standards and DBQ: A Planning Toolkit

Students will understand the dynamics between people, ideas, and so on in more challenging...

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An Observation Challenge: What Do You See (Part Two)

Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a three-part Observation Exercise. Each exercise is a stand...

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25 Alternatives to Using the Word “Great”

Ubiquitous at best. Overused and cliché at worst. Nevertheless, I was hooked. I started to...

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