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I Want to Get Better at... Assessment

Planning a lesson and designing instruction can be an exciting process. Delivering that lesson...

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Three Ways Digital Portfolios Shift Your Assessment Focus

 “What gets measured is what gets done.”

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Five Assessment Myths and Misunderstandings

Walking around the classroom, clipboard in hand, I moved as quickly as possible, diligently...

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Three Ways to Formatively Assess Content and Language

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Tch Tips: Creative Assessment Strategies

Do your students meet your test announcements with an audible groan?

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Three Alternative Approaches to Effective Testing

Popular culture often presents school assessment in the narrowest possible fashion. Based on...

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Five Strategies to Assess Young Students’ Learning

When we think of assessment, we often think about tests. But good assessment is much more than...

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Project Based Learning: Assessment and Other Dirty Words

Assessment. Accountability. Benchmarks. Pacing.

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Mid-Year Check-in: Assessing Your Year So Far

Congratulations: You made it to January!

For many experienced educators, January can feel like...

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Five Ways To Close A Lesson

Most of us realize the importance of a warm-up to get our bodies and minds ready, whether we're...

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Introducing The Formative Assessment Deep Dive: Take It And Try It!

Finding teaching resources online can often feel like a scavenger hunt. Even when searching one...

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Math Journals as Formative Assessment

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Dial Up Your Formative Assessment Technique

In my role as assessment coach and consultant, I have had many conversations about the...

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Assessments That Deliver Results

My nephew, who is in elementary school, suffers from anxiety. When he was in third grade, in the...

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Back-To-School Backpack: Think About Assessment

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Tests Without Grades: Learning Moments

Have you seen Leah Alcala's My Favorite No? It happens to be one of the most popular videos on...

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Formative Teaching and Learning

Everyone in education has heard of formative assessment. At first, we may think of it as...

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Formative Assessment Resources: Try Them Today, Tomorrow, or Soon

Recently, Teaching Channel brought you into classrooms where teachers and students are using...

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Checking For Understanding with Formative Assessments

As teachers, we all know what it feels like to grade a pile of tests and discover the unsettling...

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Letting Students Grapple: Formative Assessment

Editor's Note: Math teachers across the country are learning about the power of formative...

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