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Lesson Planning: Completed Lesson and Unit Plans

Recently, I wrote a blog about 5 ways that we can learn through writing lesson plans. I also shared...

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Families Matter: Engaging Families to Strengthen Community

We all know the old saying, "An apple doesn't fall far from the tree." We use it to reference the...

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The Power of Planning: 5 Ways to Learn Through Writing Lesson Plans

Free PDF: 15 Great Q&A's on the Common Core

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What is Impact Volunteerism?

Last spring, I looked out my plane window and saw the view of Cuba becoming more detailed as we got...

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Video Playlist: 9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management

Creating a positive classroom culture can be a challenge, but it's a crucial element in making a...

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6 Routines to Support Mathematical Thinking

Whenever I take a new teacher to observe a veteran teacher, I'm surprised at what they notice. We...

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Honoring MLK Day: 11 Resources for Service Learning

Editor's Note: Updated January 12, 2018

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Student Playlist: What Makes an Engaging Lesson?

I often wonder why, as a student, it feels like some lessons go on forever, while others fly by....

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Reflections: Engaging Fathers in Education

As a principal and a teacher, I have encountered many youth that share my same childhood...

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Get Your Students Talking...Academically!

"Since the dawn of language, conversations have been powerful teachers. They engage, motivate, and...

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Lessons from Early Learners: Cultivating a Sense of Wonder

Being around young children can be exhausting. With questions like, "What is that?" and "Why is it...

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Teachers: Three Questions for Reflection

This is the time of year that I always start to feel a little harried, a little frayed at the...

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Classroom DIY: The Dawn of Next Level Student Engagement Strategies

You’ve got routines and procedures humming (for the most part at least, you may have an occasional...

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Three Big Ideas to Reach and Guide Students

"He's a white man trapped in a black man's body."

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A Tale of Two High School Advisory Programs

Most high schools have some sort of advisory program built into their ecology—a time when a group...

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4 Keys to Building Students’ Reading Lives

In October 2012, Pew Research Center published a report on teens' use of libraries and reading...

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An Insider Look at the Next Generation Science Classroom

Now that the Next Generation Science Standards have been unveiled, I'm sure many of you in our Tch ...

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Never Easy, But Essential: Tough Conversations in the Classroom

Sometimes they happen unexpectedly and other times we have to gear up for them. Regardless of how...

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A Step-by-Step Plan for Elementary Level Student-Led Conferences

Confession: I look forward to parent conferences. I value the opportunity to connect with families...

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Seeing Results: The Impact of Tch Videos

As this year comes to a close, I want to share the results of our final Tchers' Voice Survey of...

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