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CA+I Blog: How Do You “Do” Science?

We know that students learn best when they are actively involved in constructing their own...

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Newsela- News you can use in the classroom!

Newsela is a FREE website that you can use as a resource for current events. Texts are available at...

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Building Common Core Skills: Beyond Turn and Talk

Recently, I have been spending quality time with the Common Core Standards. My current obsessions...

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3 Strategies for Bringing Argument and Critique into Common Core Math

Math is supposed to be cut and dried, right? Do the work, find the one correct answer, and… you're...

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Are Teachers Ready for Common Core?

Each year the MetLife Foundation conducts the important Survey of the American Teacher offering a...

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A Common Core Challenge You Can Tackle: Mathematical Discourse

Mathematical discourse has been articulated as one of the Common Core Mathematical Practices:...

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The Key to Unlocking Common Core Standards in Mathematics

In the beginning stages of Common Core implementation for Mathematics, it is only natural for...

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Debunking 5 Common Core Myths

You've heard the adage: one step forward, two steps back. Sometimes I think that's how we all feel...

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Responding to Concerns: Does the Common Core Demoralize Teachers?

"If we want uncommon learning for our children in a time of common standards, we must be willing to...

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Beyond Right Answers: Math and the Core

Throughout this series of Let's Chat Core, we've focused a lot on literacy because it impacts every...

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Teaching Others to Embrace Common Core

Early this fall Teaching Channel began an extended commitment to bring you new resources to help...

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Let’s Chat Core: Simplifying Text Complexity

As I meet and talk to teachers about the Common Core State Standards, I consistently hear the...

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Let’s Chat Core: Unpacking the Standards

Zooming out. Zooming in. Implementing something as significant as the Common Core State Standards...

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Implementing the Core: Where to Begin?

Where do I start? It can feel like being on a hilltop, overlooking this vast landscape before you...

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Let's Chat Core: Learning to Read the Core

We hear from teachers every day here at Teaching Channel. Without fail, the most frequent questions...

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