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Video Playlist: Strengthening Lessons for the Common Core

As you are setting up your classroom, planning your units, or perhaps already teaching (yikes!),...

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Countdown to Your First Year: You Got a Job. Now What?

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Focusing on Instructional Leadership

"Teachers have a huge effect on their students. Great teachers inspire students to do more than...

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Graduating & Stepping Up to More

I have often believed that graduation was misnamed. I realize that graduation is the act of...

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How Do You Survive the Co-Teaching Marriage?

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One Thing All Successful Teachers Agree On

Recently, I was at the Teacher of the Year Annual Meeting where Teaching Channel had the...

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Bird is the WORD? Word Walls: Operational vs. Interactive

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Making Every Minute Count: 5 Summer Learning Opportunities

Just a month or two ago, you were knee-deep in the cycle of planning, lesson delivery, and...

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Getting Better: Learning from Feedback

Learning is magical and mysterious. It's hard to know when we're getting better and how we've done...

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Why I Use Video and Teaching Channel Teams

I believe video is an essential and powerful teaching tool. But, it will only work if teachers feel...

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The Power of Reflecting and Celebrating our Work

As the school year comes to a close, teachers create many unique ways to celebrate their students’...

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What's May Got to Do With It: Part One

I have it on good authority that three weeks ago many residents were asking themselves, what’s May...

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Getting to the Point with Goals & Objectives

In addition to my work with Tch, I spend time coaching beginning teachers. A couple weeks ago I...

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5 Ways to Personalize Student Feedback

Since the posting of the Teaching Channel video "Podcasting to Personalize Feedback" there has been...

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